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Photoshop’s tools are listed in Table 21-4.

Table 21-4 Photoshop Tools

Tool | Description

— | —

| Opens the Photoshop dialog box for you to choose a tool from the palette or type the name of the tool in the window that opens.

| Selects a tool from the tools palette and displays information about the tool.

| Selects a palette and paints the selected tool on your image.

| Opens the Select tool options area for you to customize the way that the tool will select objects on your image.

| Displays the context menu for the active tool.

| Opens a window for the Layers palette so that you can add or modify a layer. You also can use to move the currently selected layer into a new position, to flip the currently selected layer, to create a copy of the selected layer, and to delete a layer.

| Opens a window for the Tools palette so that you can add or modify tools, including Styles, Actions, and Variables.

The Photoshop buttons shown in the following figure are also located in the dialog box windows for the different tools and palettes, as well as in the workspace, along with the Workspace, Panel, and Navigator tabs.

| Opens the Photoshop dialog box for you to choose a tool from the palette or type the name of the tool in the window that opens.

Exercise 21.1.

Open the file named Ch21_01.psd from the first folder on the CD. Use all the tools in the image to make a full-color illustration of the tree and a shadow added to the tree. Create multiple layers and use a variety of color palettes to color the image.

Become familiar with using the tools you have learned in this chapter and exercise your Photoshop skills.

Exercise 21.2.

Open the file named Ch21_02.psd from the second folder on the CD. Create a page for a poster that needs to be printed on two sides. Open the Layer List window, select the Background layer, and use to change its visibility to ON (making it visible) and then to make it Invisible. Use the Rectangular Marquee tool to select the area on the right side that you need to keep visible. Use the Color Replacement tool to desaturate

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Photoshop Elements 10 is an essential resource for a number of digital consumers. The author, Jory Allred, provides a comprehensive review of the program, including version history, installation, and a basic user’s guide.

Of the many software packages available that mimic Photoshop, none can match the number of tools and features in Adobe Photoshop. Given its price range and monthly subscription, Photoshop Elements appears to be one of the better programs. You might want to consider it as an alternative to Photoshop if you don’t want to pay $99 a year for Photoshop or you can’t justify its premium price.

Photoshop Elements 10 Review

Unlike most other software packages, the most valuable asset in Photoshop Elements is the user interface. You can easily navigate the application simply by knowing where to look. The most important button on a computer, the mouse, is absent in Photoshop Elements. Fortunately, the menu commands are fairly straightforward.

At the top of the user interface is the menu bar, which contains eight menu items. The default settings for each option can be changed by going to the Edit panel located at the bottom of the Photoshop Elements window. You can change your default settings by clicking on the Main menu then choosing Edit — Edit Default. You can then choose to make the Menu Bar appear, control the size of the fonts, control the zoom level on the image, control the format for the Ruler, and control the background and foreground colors.

There are four other menu items on the menu bar: Help, File, Display and Edit. The Help menu contains a number of instructions that allow you to perform basic tasks. The File menu has options for tasks including opening, saving, and importing/exporting images. The Display menu controls the settings for the images and text you are viewing. The last menu item Edit controls the options for the paintbrush tool, which you can use to create new images, crops, and selections.

The simple interface is easy to learn and use, although it doesn’t offer any of the advanced features found in Photoshop. Unlike most programs, the Settings menu in Photoshop Elements is always open, and allows you to select from several predefined color settings.

The three tasks you’ll most likely complete regularly when using Photoshop Elements are cropping an image, recoloring an image, and cleaning up a color adjustment. Photoshop Elements comes with 25 different color settings and you can use the task bar to quickly choose the color setting you

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System Requirements For Photoshop 7.0 Video Download In Hindi:

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