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Using Photoshop Elements

Understanding Photoshop Elements makes sense if you have already used Photoshop but are thinking about the transition to use of Elements as your main image editor. Elements is a revamped version of the previous Photoshop CS versions and is intended to be a beginner’s program in the same way that Photoshop is for professionals. Although the interface is similar to Photoshop, Elements is very easy to learn and use and requires less steps and more guided tasks. Photoshop Elements includes a set of guided tools for various tasks such as drawing, color correction, and effects, as well as a few more advanced features such as the ability to clone and blur images.

However, the real power of Photoshop Elements is that it enables you to import photos directly from your digital camera with minimal or no editing required. The interface for this mode is designed for photos and videos, so you can view, crop, and correct your photos right away. You can save the original image, view the image in standard or high resolution, and provide a rating for your favorite image directly from the program. Figure 6-1 shows you a sample image that is opened in the Elements photo editor.

Figure 6-1: Open an image in the Elements photo editor.

In addition to this, you can open a full-fledged Photoshop document or a layered Photoshop document and import a layered Photoshop document — that is, a document that contains multiple layers — directly into Elements. You can’t import Photoshop documents that have been converted to the newer PSD format (shown in the sidebar, «Converting Photoshop files»).

There are a variety of ways to get your hands on a copy of Photoshop Elements for the PC. You can find it in the Adobe Elements program, but the program also comes in several other forms, such as a demo version and a free trial version. Be aware that with all versions of Photoshop Elements, you have to install the program on your computer before you can use it. The installation process is described in more detail in Chapter 10.

Where you find the program depends on which operating system you are running. If you’re running Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can download the program from If you’re running a Mac, you can visit the Elements page at

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This list will cover the features of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements that are covered in our Photoshop course.

Learning Photoshop and Photoshop Elements

If you have never taken the time to learn Photoshop, then you should take the time to watch our video course on the subject first and understand the basics.

If you already have some experience with Photoshop, then this guide will introduce the fundamental concepts of the program so that you can use it more effectively.

In this guide we will cover the following:

Basic principles of working with images

Understanding the difference between layers and channels

Basic techniques in Photoshop

Understanding the different settings in Photoshop

Understanding Photoshop Actions, a common feature of most of the graphic design software

Understanding basics of the different elements of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements

Understanding different tools in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements

Working with layers in Photoshop

Creating a new document

Understanding Photoshop file types

Creating a new layer in Photoshop

Importing an image in Photoshop Elements

Creating a new layer in Photoshop Elements

Printing your image

Understanding Photoshop actions

Understanding filters

Understanding layer masks in Photoshop

Understanding Presets in Photoshop

Learning about layer styles

Understanding basic layer and layer styles

Understanding layer blend modes

Working with Photoshop brushes

Understanding Photoshop pens

Working with Photoshop effects

Understanding Photoshop adjustment layers and brightness, contrast and colour

Understanding layer groups in Photoshop

Understanding Photoshop gradients

Learning about smart objects

Creating layers from multiple images

Different Photoshop features in action

Different Photoshop features explained

How to create an action

Different workflow considerations in Photoshop

Understanding Photoshop scripting

Using Photoshop Scripts

Using the Adobe Dreamweaver plugin

How to convert a Photoshop file to a.PNG file

How to create layers in Photoshop

Creating layers in Photoshop Elements

How to create layers in Photoshop Elements

Understanding Photoshop masks

Understanding Photoshop shapes

How to create a text layer in Photoshop

How to create a text layer in Photoshop Elements

Understanding Photoshop actions

How to create a Photoshop action

Understand the different Photoshop applications

The Photoshop Suite

Learning about Photoshop actions

Understanding Photoshop actions

Understanding the PhotoImpression library

Understanding basic Photoshop tools

Understanding the different tools in Photoshop

How to use the Pen tool

How to use the Brush

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Why are shortcuts in this case illegal arguments for an Action?

I created a custom MenuItem with a OnAction method, in which I want to run a different Action for different shortcuts in the menu. So I tried to pass a Func, which is the one I want to use with the given Key and Command.
This works for every single valid argument, but this message pops up:

Action ‘SomeAction’ is not valid for MenuItem with key ‘XYZ’ and command ‘AGS8’

I try to understand why this doesn’t work for the shortcut «AGS8».
I might not understand the correct behavior, but what is the reason, that the Action must know the default Command if it needs a default argument like this:
private void MenuItem_OnAction(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
this.SomeAction(someFunc, Key, Command);

private void SomeAction(Func someFunc, Key key, Command command)


That’s because the MenuItem.Command property is a property, which has to be set and must be of type Command. You’re setting Command with a Command. If you want the MenuItem.Command property to be evaluated in addition to the Command property, you need to add the Command property as an explicit argument. In this case, you are getting an exception because the Command property is an implicit argument for Action.
If you want to determine the command based on a MenuItem, you’ll have to access the Command property before calling Action. However, a MenuItem does not expose the Command property. To get the command, you have to create your own implementation of ICommand:
private ICommand menuItemCommand;
public override ICommand GetCommand(DependencyObject obj)
if (obj is MenuItem && menuItemCommand!= null)
return menuItemCommand;
return base.GetCommand(obj);

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