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Provide features like: Code highlighting, Code formatting, Syntax highlighting, Undo/Redo, Paste, Copy, Cut, Line numbering, Cut line, Paste line, Insert indent, Search, Go to line, Import from BAS and Export to AUB.

AuBASIC Crack Mac Review:


Very easy to use (0 setup)
Select/copy/paste/delete functions (able to select multiple items)

Intuitive UI

Support for BAS and AUB files

Compatible with all QBasic versions



You will need to install QuickBasic and QBasic
(depending on which version of QuickBasic you install)


AuBASIC has a no-cost 30-day evaluation license available for download.


Portable Code, Component Programmer’s Handbook

Assembler Tool FAQ

QuickBasic User’s Guide

Use your BAS file as an argument

About the author

With over 20 years of professional IT experience, [AuBASIC] has always been a program that has been very popular in the IT market. [AuBASIC] is a tool that includes all the tools that people want in a BAS program.

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AuBASIC Crack Keygen Full Version Download [Updated-2022]

AuBASIC Crack Free Download is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Microsoft Quick Basic Compiler. The IDE supports Unicode for editing text files. It works with the Quick Basic compiler (QBASIC) and also supports editing for AUB and BAS files. This includes syntax highlighting and automatic indentation. It can also read in QBASIC code from the command line.


While @Remy Lebeau’s answer was excellent and detailed and @Webs UI’s answer was also pretty good, I’d like to add a few things:

AUB is one of two file formats used in QuickBASIC (the other is BAS).
It’s not true that you can only edit in Unicode in AUB; but you can only edit in BAS that was encoded in Unicode or in some other character set (i.e., UCS-2, or one of the UCS-4 encodings), unless you make that clear in the file.
AUB files are just text files. You can edit them from any text editor (including Notepad).

The only thing that AUB was designed to help with is editing output by making it easy to edit the text, since it’s so handy to be able to type the output directly (and it was a goal to make it simpler to type the output than BAS source). There is no reason that you couldn’t put a BAS file on your system (and even run it directly without using the IDE) in order to edit the code. But you need to be careful with the BAS file format because there are various encoding options available and you need to keep them in mind.

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AuBASIC Crack+ Download [2022-Latest]

Works with all versions of Windows
Works with IBM PC, IBM compatible computers and any version of Windows, and is easy to install and use.
Files can be loaded from an external source and saved in their native BAS or AUB format.
Simplified commands for common BAS tasks.
Export and import from and to the external file format is easy to do.
A code debugger that allows editing, debugging, and pausing execution of BAS programs.
Syntax highlighting that makes reading the code easier.
An integrated module to help writing your own programs in BAS.
Accurate, easy to use and efficient.

AuBASIC Screenshots:

AuBASIC Related Software Functionality

Embedding an application into an existing window.
User interface customization.
Ease of use.
Code help.
Syntax highlighting.
Import/Export of files from/to BAS/AUB.

AuBASIC Main features

Compatible with all versions of Windows (95, 98, 2000, 2003, and XP).
Works with all editions of IBM PC, PC compatible computers and any version of Windows, and is easy to install and use.
BAS and AUB files can be loaded from an external source and saved in their native BAS or AUB format.
Simplified commands for common BAS tasks.
Export and import from and to the external file format is easy to do.
Syntax highlighting that makes reading the code easier.
An integrated module to help writing your own programs in BAS.
Accurate, easy to use and efficient.
No intrusive or confusing options panels.
AuBASIC Limitations

Only supports forward and back-steps.
Text can be selected only when editing a numeric value.

AuBASIC is a free Windows application (Freeware) and does not have a free trial version.


Consider using QBasic (the language itself) instead of QuickBasic (the IDE). QBasic is the language, not QuickBasic. Most people using the code called QBasic (or QB, as it is often called) probably think of QBasic, not QuickBasic. QBasic goes with Windows, but QuickBasic has been discontinued.
The newest version of QBasic is packaged with Windows, because it is still the only programming language Microsoft creates that is a modern replacement for

What’s New in the?

AuBASIC is an Integrated Development Environment for QBasic (Microsoft Quick Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code). It offers support for a code debugger, compiler and syntax highlighting options.
The advantages of being portable
The tool can be deployed on your system in a portable package. You can quickly open the EXE file in order to run the utility.
The best part about portable apps is that they do not leave configuration data on your computer and write registry entries, so you can run them without administrative privileges. In addition, you may copy them on any USB flash drive or other devices and carry them with you.
User interface
You are welcomed by a clean and intuitive layout that embeds only a few features that you can make use of. There are no intricate configuration settings hidden under its hood, so you may venture into tweaking the entire process on your own.
Importing options and other handy features
AuBASIC gives you the possibility to import data from BAS or AUB file format, export the information to AUB file format, and type in the information directly in the main panel or paste it from other third-party applications.
Furthermore, you are allowed to work with basic editing features (cut, copy, paste, delete), select all text with just one click, undo or redo your actions, check out the log for additional details about all your tasks, as well as turn on the syntax highlighting mode.
Bottom line
All things considered, AuBASIC comes with an essential feature pack and delivers straightforward options for helping you upload, debug and edit BAS files in an Integrated Development Environment. The intuitive suite of functions makes it suitable for all types of users, regardless of their experience level.

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