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Key features:

A full-featured multi-user, multi-platform CAD software program

A streamlined GUI environment for drawing, design, and technical drafting

The ability to create technical drawings in two dimensions as well as three dimensions and animations

A built-in DWG and DXF raster-based file format

A comprehensive API for interfacing with 3rd party software

In-place editing of drawing and annotation

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Authoritative CAD guide

New features

View: In 2018, AutoCAD added the ability to view individual layers and individual objects from the ribbon bar, allowing for one-click annotation and editing of geometry.

Operations: In 2018, the Move tool was updated to allow for the movement of multi-part objects within the document, like walls.

Raster capabilities: In 2018, AutoCAD added 3D drawings with raster-based drawings. It also introduced tools to support the editing of 3D objects like holes and surfaces.

Interact: In 2018, the Linked Drawing Manager allows you to design and share drawings with the Linked Drawing Manager. Linked drawings can be created or edited from a local or networked location.

New features for 2019

Rasterize: In 2019, AutoCAD will incorporate Rasterize to display 3D objects in the 2D viewport. This will allow you to create a 2D view and manipulate the objects directly in the viewport, using 2D modeling tools like line, arc, text, and measurement tools.

2D centerline: In 2019, the 2D Centerline will be included in the Drafting & Annotation Center. You can use the centerline to automatically annotate and label the centerline of a 2D object, including circles and lines.

When this press release was written, Autodesk has not yet made available a version of AutoCAD 2019 as a product.

Dedicated computer-aided design (CAD) software is an essential tool for engineers and architects. Whether you’re a professional who’s developed a CAD skill set or a beginner wanting to get started, the first step to creating a CAD document is to understand the basic functions.

Enterprise CAD Software: What’s Your Best Option?

Before selecting a CAD package, you need to understand what types of projects you’ll work on

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File Format
The DXF file format has been used since 1982, with extensions DXF, DGN and DWG. The DXF specification is maintained by the ESRI organization, the DXF tool is included as part of the AutoCAD product suite. DGN is a specification for 3D model exchange format in the Autodesk Scene System and DWG is a specification for electronic drawings and presentations of plans, elevations, and 3D objects.

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a Microsoft Excel programming language used to automate tasks in Microsoft Office products, including Microsoft Office Excel. As of 2016 it is the most used language in AutoCAD. VBA is AutoCAD’s primary programming language. However, unlike most other programming languages it is an integrated programming language. This means it is an application like any other AutoCAD application and can run on any operating system that supports AutoCAD applications.

AutoCAD can communicate directly with any other program using the COM and OLE technology and can be used as a COM and OLE server, and as a COM and OLE client.

In 2010, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution released openSUSE, which supports AutoCAD.

The Microstation Macro Language was introduced in 1987, followed by the MacroWorks graphical interface in 1989, and the first version of Microstation was released in 1990. Microstation is a proprietary macro language that supports the ability to create workflow automation or macro tools. It also provides the ability to connect directly to data from external applications. Macro language technology has been developed by Autodesk and then by MicroProse.

Programming interfaces
Autodesk provides a wide range of APIs, of which the following are the most used and extensively discussed in the press, although other APIs are used and available.

The AutoLISP programming language
The AutoLISP language is a direct descendant of the Visual BASIC language and is very similar. Using this language, one can customize AutoCAD from a number of application programming interfaces, including:
External Class Libraries: The VCL library provides access to commonly used AutoCAD functions in a Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) framework, and it is the library that provides AutoLISP’s instance objects for COM inter-operability. There are a large number of third-party libraries for providing AutoCAD functions that were not part of the base class library.
Custom classes: One

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Go to Tools>MAKE>Make Charts.
Select the polygon option.
Enter the coordinates of the first vertice of the polygon you want to create.
Select the first polygon point.
Select the option “Split in faces.”

Now you have a part of the polygon which can be easily extruded.
To create the rest of the polygon, select the last polygon point, then the first polygon point and select “Join segments.”

You can then export this file as a.stl and open it in a 3d program.

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What’s New In?

Auto-Assign Media Size to Drawing:

Rely on AutoCAD to select the optimal media size automatically, based on the drawing size and/or the media size (video: 1:13 min.).

AutoCAD Dashboard:

Get the help you need. You can interact with the AutoCAD application from anywhere on your device. (video: 0:40 min.)

ArcGIS Integration:

Share your data and collaborate on them together. Co-edit data on a mobile device and track changes back to your drawing and other files. (video: 2:34 min.)

Freestyle/Freehand Editing:

Draw directly on a raster, erase as needed, and capture images of your work for sharing. Use the pencil tool to draw freehand lines, or trace an image using the freehand line tool (video: 0:41 min.)

Text, Assemblies, and Links:

Easily integrate text, tables, and figures into your designs using AutoCAD’s library of pre-installed text, tables, and figures. (video: 0:39 min.)

Toolbars, Folders, and Labels:

Organize your tools, drawings, and assemblies using the toolbars, folders, and labels on your device. (video: 0:30 min.)


Interact with your drawing using gestures. Drag, pinch, and rotate drawings using your finger, without needing to use a mouse. (video: 1:36 min.)

Design Data Communication:

Rely on AutoCAD to send, receive, and store data files securely from anywhere on your device. (video: 1:03 min.)


Work more efficiently with AutoCAD guidance. Using AutoCAD’s high-resolution display, you can move, rotate, zoom, and switch to different views from a single drawing. (video: 0:46 min.)

Production Quality:

Easily streamline your production workflow and save time with AutoCAD’s new production-quality workspace. (video: 1:15 min.)

AutoCAD 2019 Solution Highlights:

Infinity Design Environment:

Create and work in the AutoCAD Infinity

System Requirements:

It is suggested to use the latest version of the game.
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