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AutoCAD is designed to be used by mechanical, electrical, and civil engineers, and by architectural and landscape designers. Many engineers are also used to working with AutoCAD, because it is often the only CAD program used in their workplace.

AutoCAD is part of the AutoCAD suite of software applications, including AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD Map 3D, AutoCAD Map 3D Builder, and AutoCAD Design Review.

The user is responsible for ensuring their work conforms to the requirements of the client, contractor or other stakeholders, and to the local building code. The user is also responsible for ensuring their work is traceable, and for providing appropriate authorisation to obtain permissions and rights from others. This information is often included in the original drawing, but can also be part of a contract.

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Free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader

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Free Mobile Apps

Download AutoCAD to your mobile device

Download AutoCAD to your mobile device



Autodesk is the world leader in 3D design and engineering software for architecture, engineering and construction (AEC). Autodesk software is available in a variety of formats including desktop, mobile and cloud computing, and data center products, including AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Map 3D, AutoCAD Map 3D Builder, and AutoCAD Dynamo.

Download an free, modern PDF reader from Autodesk on Windows, macOS and Linux.

The AutoCAD system is a series of Autodesk software products that focus on the design and engineering of buildings, with dedicated applications for the complete design and building process. The product line includes a variety of tools that work together to create and manage 3D models, 2D drawings, viewport layout, and fabrication & construction documentation. The tools include Autodesk® Inventor®; 3ds Max®; Revit®; AutoCAD®; AutoCAD® Architecture®; AutoCAD® Map 3D®; AutoCAD® Map 3D Builder®; and AutoCAD® Dynamo®.

Supported Platforms

Download the AutoCAD application for Windows, macOS and Linux.

AutoCAD is available as a desktop application or as a mobile application

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3D Modeling
AutoCAD supports two major 3D modeling products, ArchiCAD and 3DS. ArchiCAD is based on RealSpace 3D CAD technology, which is an active research project that supports the production of Architectural and Engineering 3D models. ArchiCAD can import and export as DWG, DXF, 3DS, and webgl and supports import/export of STL, STEP and IGES format. 3DS was formerly named AutoCAD ArchiCAD Converter. Since the release of AutoCAD 2014, it has been renamed as 3DS.

Previously, the only solution for 3D model creation and export was ArchiCAD, but then 3DS was added with many features in the Autodesk 2014 release, such as the ability to import and export many types of 3D models including free form solids and polyhedra.

Both ArchiCAD and 3DS are multi-user 3D modeling tools, but do not include the ability to annotate.

Raster Design
AutoCAD has supported raster editing since AutoCAD LT 1.0. In the Autodesk 2014 release, the raster editing system was improved with integrated Locking Raster Technology (LRT), support for Tile Databases and the ability to annotate images. In addition, AutoCAD 2014 provides support for layer-based custom views and animations, and advanced tools for automation.

AutoCAD LT 1.0 was the first product in the product series to include native support for vector graphics.

In 1994, AutoCAD LT was upgraded to support color vector graphics editing, with the ability to maintain layers for editing purposes. It was also the first AutoCAD product to include native support for editing of digital line art.

In 1994, the ability to define a new layer structure and export multiple layers to Photoshop was introduced.

In 1994, AutoCAD LT 2.0 was introduced, which included improved UI, new command language, and new data types. This was followed by AutoCAD LT 2.5 in 1996, which introduced advanced data types such as image coordinates, texture coordinates and support for signed and unsigned coordinates. It also included support for creating vector based line art (known as «computerized line art») using the pen tool.

In 2001, AutoCAD LT 3.0 was released, which introduced layer locking and support for indexed polygons

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See Autodesk Licensing

See Autocad home page for licensing

See Autocad home page for licensing

See Autocad home page for licensing

See Autocad home page for licensing

See Autocad home page for licensing

See Autocad home page for licensing

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Import and display markup lines with the ability to annotate or edit, or to share your annotations. (video: 5:20 min.)

Markup Assist now includes an optional annotation view for detailed use cases.

For more information, see Markup Assist in the AutoCAD online help.


AutoCAD has been able to display colors since version 3.1. However, only the basic 8-bit color palette has been available for text and linetypes. To increase color and design flexibility, AutoCAD 2019 introduced 32-bit color in AutoCAD 2019. The new color features have brought color more in line with other applications.

In AutoCAD 2023, the 32-bit color palette has been extended. You can now display 4,096 colors and store up to 32,768 colors. A wide variety of colors for your application and workflows is possible.

In addition, you can use extended data types, including color, to store color and tint information.

Automatic numbering for extended data types:

Extended data types have an additional set of numbers (1 through 99999). The extended data type name is automatically generated for new number creation and editing, allowing for a consistent appearance across a design and across a number’s lifetime.

Subfield data types:

Subfields for text and linetypes are now based on their extended data type. So you can use a regular subfield for a colored text or a customized subfield for a special color within a text or a linetype. For more information, see Subfields in the AutoCAD online help.

Drawing Editor:

All the top-notch features of the powerful and flexible Drawing Editor have been enhanced, including

Graphical creation of objects:

Graphical creation of objects with an intuitive environment where you can instantly drag and drop objects. For more information, see Using the Graphical Editor in the AutoCAD online help.

Flexible workspace and user interface:

The new Workspace gives you the flexibility to organize your drawing views. Make your drawing editable in the right spot by using new quick-access commands. For more information, see Working with a Workspace in the AutoCAD online help.

Easier navigation:

The Ribbon now includes new top and bottom buttons that help you easily move between your favorite commands and objects. For more

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: 2 GHz Processor or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM or higher
Graphics: DirectX® 9-capable with 512MB video memory or higher
DirectX®: Version 9.0
Storage: 35 MB available hard drive space
Additional Notes:
The list of VTT file types that are supported by the player.
The file types

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