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[14:09] DOMENICK is in Patrice-naaaaam. I love this guy. And he doesn’t look the same as he looked before. And his voice is brighter. A good way to move towards a new year so far. He still has a horrible business attitude and still laughs at random at every passing business. This guy said a ridiculous thing. I was going to lie to get into the habit. When I watch Domoney, he’s no more you can’t stop laughing and a bit start to forget how ridicule we look.
Jet Set LA Revenge (Tahiti) Films [12-10] 04:44
Moazzafar Saba is nice enough. And Ethan Bates. The funny part of this movie is how the president comes off like you’re watching a fraction of the film and you think, “Nothing like that had ever happened before” (and I’m just being a bit bossy, you know.) The funniest part of the movie is going to be the funny ending. You’re like, “I’m watching a movie that I’ve had some interest in but never gotten to view. But I don’t like this movie because the chief knows about me.”
Jonathan Tingle — (Queenie Letter) Filmmakers in Venice 2009 by Mark Lang
Domino’s Pizza (Saang Din Do Ro Piu) Brazilian Embryo (IDA Pijaf Pizzeria) Filming Lineage For Yim Na Moe
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