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Your taskbar clock is sometimes rather difficult to see, and some versions of Windows don’t even allow you to display a taskbar clock on any secondary monitors you might be using.
BoinTime is a relatively simple application that can help you out in this situation, as it enables you to show a small clock in any position on your desktop. Moreover, it supports reminders and can display notifications.
No installation and no hassle
If you want to try out this application, you only need to download the archive, unpack it and run the executable file. While it is not fully portable, the reminders are stored in the root folder, which is handy when using the program on the go.
While BoinTime is not really packed with features, it is very easy to deploy, not to mention lightweight.
Simple desktop clock that lacks customization options
The application features a minimalistic UI, the clock being displayed within a small window that can be moved to any position on your desktop or pinned in place.
However, it has to be noted that the clock’s appearance cannot be changed in any way, and the window’s dimensions are also fixed.
Set up reminders and receive notifications
There is more to this application than just the clock, as it also enables you to create reminders to ensure you don’t forget about important tasks or events. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to how many can be added, and the next one will be displayed in the main window.
Additionally, BoinTime is capable of displaying toast notifications a certain amount of time before a reminder is due, and the reminders can also be set up to be recurring.
All in all, BoinTime is a simple but useful open-source program that makes it easier to keep track of time, while also reminding you of important events via toast notifications.







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BoinTime is an open source program that enables you to display a taskbar clock on any secondary monitor.
BoinTime uses the standard.NET Framework’s TimeZone class to display the correct time and date. You can also choose the time zone used to display time and date for the taskbar clock.

BoinTime is a desktop clock that displays the time in a taskbar window. You can place the window at any location on your desktop and display it on any monitor that has the taskbar, which allows you to display the time on any monitor you use while working. BoinTime displays the time in local time by default, but you can also choose to display the time in UTC or in the user’s selected time zone.

You can create tasks and register for reminder notifications by tapping the «Add a Reminder» button at the top of the taskbar window. You can create and set up to three separate reminders, and each one can be set to notify you in advance of what to do. You can choose to receive a notification by toast (the pop-up that appears at the top of the screen) or by a sound.

BoinTime enables you to view the weather forecast. You can use the forecast to get an idea of what the weather will be like in the future, or use it to follow the weather in other locations. You can tap on the weather symbol to view a location search bar that will list the weather for any location around the world.

BoinTime’s search feature can be used to search for a location on Google Maps, Wikipedia, or Bing. You can choose to have BoinTime search those websites only, and not use the default search engine for Windows.

BoinTime can display your favorite websites. You can bookmark any website in the internet using the browser’s own buttons. If you don’t use the taskbar, you can display the bookmarks you have saved using BoinTime’s «Open Bookmark File» button.

BoinTime features an alarm function that will play a sound at a certain time. You can choose to have the alarm play a song, but you can also make the sound an alert. You can also turn off the alarm, but you can’t turn off the sound of the alert. The alarm goes off no matter what application is running. You have the choice of several sounds, but you have the option to create your own sound and use it to set an alarm.


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  1. Introduction

This tutorial will show you how you can use BoinTime to display a taskbar clock on a secondary monitor.

Why does the taskbar clock show up on the secondary monitor?
The main advantage of using the secondary monitor to show the taskbar clock is that you can see the taskbar clock when you’re working. You can also use your secondary monitor for applications that don’t support taskbars.
The taskbar clock works by creating a transparent window on the secondary monitor, which has its own properties (position, size, state etc). The application doesn’t do any kind of screen mirroring, so there is no need for the applications to support both taskbars at the same time.

Why does the taskbar clock sometimes not show up on the secondary monitor?
Due to a bug in the version I tested, the application will not display the taskbar clock on a secondary monitor if it’s hidden. This could be a minor bug, as I don’t think this feature should be necessary.

  1. Set Up BoinTime on your Secondary Monitor

Step 1 – Download the application
Download the application from
You should have right-click on your mouse if you haven’t already downloaded BoinTime.

Step 2 – Download the BoinTime configuration files
Download the configuration files from
You should have right-click on your mouse if you haven’t already downloaded BoinTime.

Step 3 – Extract the configuration files
Unpack the configuration files that you just downloaded in the root folder of BoinTime.
It’s important to note that the configuration files will also be saved in the application’s root folder, so make sure you’re using the correct place to start BoinTime.

Step 4 – Confirm the location of BoinTime
You should have right-click on your mouse if you haven’t already installed BoinTime.
Open the BoinTime application and check that the installation folder has been created and that the files you just extracted are in the root folder.

Step 5 – Start BoinTime
Start the BoinTime application.

What’s New in the BoinTime?

This update is available in the Google Play Store.

You can also update to the latest version through the App Center on your Android device.

The app has been optimized for the latest version of Android.


BoinTime is a simple open source application for Android that can be used for adding a clock to your launcher.
With BoinTime, you can do the following:

Set reminders

Notification reminders

Create a countdown timer

In addition, you can also use a clock widget in the notification bar, using the home screen and the lock screen.

Optimized for the latest version of Android

Each component is optimized for the latest version of Android, and BoinTime has been optimized for the latest major Android version, 5.0 Lollipop.

When you open BoinTime for the first time on a fresh Lollipop device, it will automatically download updates and ensure it has the latest version of the app.

How to update to the latest version

With BoinTime, there are several ways to update the app to the latest version.

Update manually on your Android device

  1. Open the main settings menu, either through the app’s main menu or the app’s icon on the lock screen or home screen.Boil water advisory for parts of Austin, Pflugerville

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System Requirements:

Windows 7/Windows 8
Dual Core processor
1.6 GB RAM
20 GB available HDD space
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 3GB
Intel HD 4000 or higher GPU or NVIDIA GT200 GPU or newer
APK Download
Note :
1. All of the apk files are updated version of the original apk files.
2. Some apk files are not working, because I can’t able to fix it, so, some users can’t install the apk files

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