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DataGridViewCell value is 0 after copy

I have DataGridViewCell.
I paste a row from another DataGridView into this one. When I paste I copy the DataGridViewCell value as a String into the clipboard. But after paste the value in DataGridViewCell is «0».
var dgv = (DataGridView)w.Controls[0];
var cell = (DataGridViewCell)dgv.Rows[row.Index].Cells[«Nom»];
cell.Value = string.Format(«{0}», numero);

This is the code I paste the row into DataGridView.
I’ve tried to set the values directly in the DataGridView after paste but still, the cell value is «0».
How can I solve this problem?


After trying many things I got the solution.
I saved the DataGridView into my project. Then I create my DataTable from the DataGridView.
Then I pasted the row and directly after this I set the value for the DataTable cell.
DataTable table 384a16bd22

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