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Cognician is an intelligent daily horoscope for the week. Just pick a day
and Cognician will supply you with your weekly horoscope in an easy to
follow format.
Thanks to our wonderful users, who wrote the
excellent descriptions for these cogs!
All the cogs have been categorized here:

What makes Cognician different from other cogs:

We constantly update our database of cogs by using Google Alerts and
watching for new products from Amazon and iTunes. It will continue to
be as up-to-date as your friends and family’s devices, so you can tell
all your friends you are using the best cog on the planet.
Cogs will be automatically updated for you. They will display
your time zone, so they will match the time zone your friends and
family are in.

How to create cogs:

Simply type in the topic you want to write about into the cog text box,
add any tags you want and select a file to upload images you want to
include. Once you have completed all that, hit the cog button and
bam, your cog is ready.

A few things to remember, when writing your cogs:

1) You can upload images to the website, so be sure to include any
information that can be interesting on a picture.
2) Cogs can be long. We have a maximum of 50 lines, but since we are
not limiting you to the number of words, writing cogs more than 100
words can be easy.
3) You can create cogs containing your google search terms — this can
be useful if you are thinking about having an argument, or if your
reading list for the week is so different you don’t want to work with
just one thing.
4) While the example cogs on the site aren’t the absolute best, if
you want something specific, type in the subject and try using some
good sample text from the best cogs.


Genius Accident Smelling
Competitive Competition Time Saver Trivial Aptitude Appreciation
Gift Evaluation Personal Development The Trough
Darkness Accident Digestion Fancy Art Interest
Numeric Numerics Tagging Adventure Locating
Potential Betrayal Comedy Att

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Cognician is an AI based chatbot that will help you with your daily thinking. Using the latest advances in artificial intelligence, Cognician can help you ask the right questions and move your thinking forward.
Cognician Topics — Mind Mapping Algorithms
Cog Description:
Cog is a cloud-based cognitive computing software platform. It is an AI-driven platform that lets you sequence and capture your thoughts. Cog gives you the power to organize thoughts into logical and chronological structures called cogs.
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Get a well-rounded perspective.
Cognician Video Tutorials:

Get AI Brain Videos:

Tool Overview Structuring:

Tool Overview Random:

Book Description:
Cognician is a conversational AI bot designed to help people think more deeply. It understands the individual pieces of information that you are interested in and then organizes them all into an AI-generated summary called a cog.
Cogs are categorized in packages called Cog Packs. Each cog pack is like a conversation guide designed to get you a well-rounded perspective on what you are interested in.
Where the app’s intelligence comes from:
The AI brain is actually made up of multiple neural networks. The results of each neural network are compiled in an AI mind. The main neural network is the Cog Trainer. It helps you figure out what you’re interested in and what you need to learn for your purpose. The Cog Brain is the neural network that gets its data from everything from its experience with you to the world. Because of this, the Cog Brain is able to take concepts from any direction and combine them to form the Cogs for you. The app uses the AI brain to form this knowledge base.
How the app works:
Cognician uses text and pictures to teach you. You are invited to think about the things in your life that are most important to you. Think about the most important thing in your life. What is it? I’m sure you can think of things. That is what this app is about: helping you figure out exactly what is important to you.
Now that you’ve done that, or you can use the Cog Trainer or take any of the additional quizzes to figure out what your purpose is. When you know what your purpose is, you are then given a series of cogs (a conversation guide that organizes information for you) to help you think about that purpose. Cogs are based on your answers.
Best scenario:
When you get all of the cogs, you think about what you’ve read. That

What’s New in the?

Description from developer:

Check your thinking!Test yourself with quick quizzes and mini-tests covering just about any topic — from astronomy, to business.

You’re in control!Create your own cogs to tap the knowledge you already have, or save them as’sketches’ to generate your own.

Quick, personal feedbackShow your results instantly. Write a short, honest assessment about how you fared. You can even rate them!

Easy to use without being a computer scientistApp-like interface, plus no computer science knowledge needed — anyone can use Cognician.

Tested on students, parents and childrenDiscover how Cognician works for yourself. Ask the developer your own questions at

Educate others on topics you care aboutCognician is a student-friendly tool that allows you to quiz yourself and others. It is intended for people who care about the way their brain works and want to think about something. Anyone can use Cognician — even people with no background in computer science.

Educate others on topics that you care aboutConversations are based on how people learn and think. Cognitive science finds that conversations allow you to learn from people’s mistakes, suggesting new ideas, and discover which parts of the brain work together and which parts work separately.

Hundreds of topics have been created by developers and reviewed by students, teachers and parents.

How to use Cognician1.Open Cognician and start a conversation.2. Choose any of the topics, cogs or sketches to view.3. Click the cog to see it — then click the cog at the top to see more.4. Click the cog to add it to your dialogue.

Conversations are based on how you learn and how the brain works. They are a conversation between you, the person using Cognician, and the developer. They are designed to be just short enough, and just deep enough, to help you understand how you learn and think.

People discover they can learn from mistakes, find ways to understand things that baffle them, and even become more confident in their beliefs.

Over 1,100 topics have been created by developers and reviewed by students, teachers and parents.

How to create a new topic1. Find an existing topic.2. Click the cog at the top.3. Click ‘Make New Topic’ in the cog to create a new topic.4. Type in the

System Requirements For Cognician:

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