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Open full screen mode to see more.
Click the W icon and type in the address bar where your site is located. A small menu will open where you can search for and install the themes you need for your desktop.
How to install a theme for work
After you click the «install» button, two windows will open.
In the second window you will be able to select the background you would like to see on your desktop.
Please note that setting the background is possible on any theme, for example, on the theme of Microsoft Office 2013. In our example, we chose a black background.
To select a background for work, click the LMB icon in the upper right corner of the window. When it turns white, click on the «select» button and another window will open for you, in which you can enter a comment, add or remove any icons.
When you’ve finished installing the theme, select an icon. After that, a window with theme settings will appear.
Using the icons, you can scale and enlarge the image, resize it, move it, rotate it, and so on.
Now choose what style your desktop will look like. If you forget which one, you can enter the «#» symbol and continue searching.
Choose whether the background color is blue or white.
What to do if the design does not suit you?
If you want to change the design, you can also use the «#» button.
Go to the «Privacy and controls» section.
On the Appearance tab, select the image you want to display on your desktop and click the Open button.
Next, you can change the settings and text that will be displayed on the workspace.
Make your workspace more interesting and enjoyable!
How to download a theme for Windows 10?
In order to download a theme on Windows 10, you need to follow a few simple steps:
Choose the right theme for your workspace. You can choose pre-made themes such as «Improved UI» or «Standard Colors» or make your own by downloading a theme pack.
Go to the «Windows Control Center» and start the installation procedure.
If your actions will be repeated again, click «End procedure».
When the theme is installed, you will be able to see it on your home screen.
On Windows 8 and 7 it was possible to change the appearance of the desktop, on Windows 8 it is not so easy to change the desktop, but if desired, this option can be used.
To do this, open the section «Parameter



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