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KeyMACRO is a small, freely available and commercial version of the DES MACRO software (commercial version of DES). It is based on the original DES key by Thomas Jefferson. The executable file of keymacro is only 9 kilobytes (KB) so that it can easily be stored on a floppy disk.
The program automatically generates 512 bit keys for A-LOCK and BLOWFISH compatible encryption algorithms. These keys are then used as the seed for a pseudorandom number generator. This generator is used for the implementation of the encryption/decryption algorithm in BLOWFISH and the encrypt/decrypt processing of an email with A-LOCK.
KeyMACRO is also used to generate 64 bit keys for A-LOCK compatible encryption algorithms, which are used to encrypt and decrypt files.
DES MACRO Description:
DES MACRO is a commercial program for encrypting and decrypting files. It provides a new high-performance stream encryption technique that is similar to the DES method, which uses key scheduling for the implementation of the encryption/decryption algorithm. This implementation provides a high level of security, which is why DES MACRO is widely accepted for use in commercial applications.
In contrast to DES MACRO, keymacro is a small, freely available, and independent program that can automatically generate 512 bit keys for A-LOCK compatible encryption algorithms.
The keymacro executable file is only 9 kilobytes (KB) so that it can easily be stored on a floppy disk.
DES MACRO and keymacro are both independently licensed. In case a need arises to use one of them in a commercial project, a license can easily be purchased from these companies.

A-Lock Enterprise Edition is a secure encryption solution for windows. You can protect your emails from interception, sniffing, tampering and replay.
A-Lock Enterprise is a fully featured version of A-Lock for Enterprise customers. It provides all features, which are also available in the A-Lock for Personal use.
A-Lock for Enterprise supports the most popular email programs such as AOL, Yahoo, Eudora, cc:Mail, Google Gmail, Novell GroupWise, Lotus Notes, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, MSN, Opera, Pegasus, PocoMail, Walla Mail, AOL, and many more. You can encrypt all email programs and import all email accounts from Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, Yahoo Mail, AOL 384a16bd22

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Keymacro provides an extension to the TDataSet. It allows you to use DBF DBF files without using BDE. It provides filtering and searching, as well as displaying and undelete functionality.
Keymacro comes with 2 classes, namely KeymacroTransparentDataSet and KeymacroDataSource.
KeymacroTransparentDataSet is the class that you use to perform your searches. It is used to query the DBF files for records. It has the following properties:
dstName — the name of the DBF file.
query — the query used to get data from the DBF file. The query can either be in a stored procedure or in a query.
conditions — A set of conditions. One condition corresponds to one record.
parameters — A set of parameters for the query. If the query is in a stored procedure, then these will be the parameters passed to the procedure.
dataSource — the dataset where the query will return the data.
To create a transparent dataset, you use the following code:
transp = KeymacroTransparentDataSet.Create(Self,’mydbf’,’select * from emp’, true, false,
[], ParameterDirectionEnum.Forward, », », »);
In the above code, self is a class variable that refers to the Main Form on which the operation is performed.
mydbf is a string variable that refers to the DBF file. In our example, the DBF file will be a file called’mydbf.dbf’.
emp is the name of a field in the DBF file.
query is the query that we want to run on the DBF file.
As you can see, there are only two required parameters, query and dataSource.
query can be in a stored procedure or a query.
A query in a stored procedure will be executed only if the user is logged in.
conditions can be more or less complicated, depending on what you need.
A condition can be a constant (eg: CONST or LIKE) or a string.
A string can be a simple expression like ‘foo’ or a combination of expressions separated by ‘&’.
For instance, the expression ‘&fname like ‘%B%’ will return all the records with a field fname that starts with B.
ParameterDirectionEnum.Forward means that we will receive theрџсђрµсѓрµсс-creativemarket-5000-lightroom-preset-bundle-lrtemplate/

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