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Starting Illustrator

Illustrator’s Getting Started screen offers a few options, such as open or save. The Open dialog box appears when you click on the Open button in the lower-right corner of the screen, or when you select the Open Recent button in the Window menu. Select one of the recent files from the list by double-clicking on the file or clicking the Open button in the dialog box. You can also click File⇒Open to open the file you want to work with. You can search for a file within a document by double-clicking in the dialog box, or clicking the Search button and typing in the name of the file you want to open.

Using the Save dialog box, you can save your project as you continue with Adobe Illustrator. Click File⇒Save to save a file in the current active document window. You can also click the folder icon to change the location where the new file is created. Just click File⇒Save As and choose a location where you want the file to be saved.

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Once you have Photoshop and know how to use it, you’ll find Photoshop Elements to be easy to understand. If you’re not familiar with Photoshop Elements, start with the basics and then learn how to use the powerful features.

This blog provides beginner-level coverage of all the essentials of Photoshop Elements. You’ll learn how to use the tools and create basic graphics, such as logos, photos, and web graphics. You’ll also learn the basics of Photoshop Elements’ interface.

I’ve created a lot of tutorials and videos to help you learn Adobe Photoshop Elements, especially when you’ve just started out. This is the ideal place to start if you have no experience using Photoshop.

How to use Photoshop Elements

Here are some quick tips before you get started with Photoshop Elements:

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There are no limits to the amount of pictures and shapes you can create with Photoshop Elements.

This guide covers the basics of using Photoshop Elements in Adobe Photoshop. You can see a Photoshop tutorial for this.

Learn how to import images into Photoshop Elements.

Learn to use the filter effects, adjustments, and color tools in Photoshop Elements.

Learn to use the drawing tools in Photoshop Elements.

Learn to create logos and typography in Photoshop Elements.

Learn how to place shapes in Photoshop Elements.

Learn how to crop photos in Photoshop Elements.

Learn to create web graphics in Photoshop Elements.

Use tools in Photoshop Elements for logos, photos, and vector graphics.

Use tools in Photoshop Elements for editing a photo’s highlights and shadows.

Learn how to add adjustment layers to Photoshop Elements.

Learn how to use guides to create custom graphics and artwork.

Learn the basics of Illustrator and how to work with vector graphics.

Learn how to create web graphics in Illustrator.

Apply a vector mask to images in Photoshop Elements.

Use the rectangle and line tools in Photoshop Elements.

The 10 Photoshop Elements tools for graphic design and editing

Learn 10 essential Photoshop Elements tools for graphic design and editing.

Now that you know how to use Photoshop Elements, let’s get started.

  1. Select the Rectangle Tool

In the Toolbox, click on the Rectangle tool (see below) to select it.

  1. The Rectangle tool’s options

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There are two types of brushes: Brushes and Pens, although there are brushes that can be used as both a brush and a pen.

Brushes come in two general categories:

Pens, which come with the program. Most pencils, pens, markers, and markers (including fine-line markers) are included with Photoshop. Most pens come in different colors, but some colors are exclusive to certain artists, such as when you get a fluorescent yellow marker from the artists who work on the packaging of a particular brand of hot sauce.

Brushes, which come with the program. A brush is a type of tool that allows you to paint and draw, just like with a paintbrush. Brushes are the best tool for painting with a fine brush, but they also come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and flexible nature that can be used for different types of painting. Brushes come in various sizes, materials, and shapes, and some are included with the program while others come separately. For example, some brushes are designed to cover a specific area, while some can be used to do an entire image.

Photoshop includes a multitude of brush tools that come with it (some are in the live paint or brush tool panels). You can use a tool from the Brushes folder in the Tool Options panel to make any brush selection from the set you have. You find a few types of brushes, including

Brush Effects

The Brush Effects folder contains brushes that simulate different types of paint strokes and applications. For example, if you selected the brush No. 11, you can create the look of acrylic paint by painting in the image. You can also make various brush effects with the help of other brushes.

For more on this subject, check out Chapter 13.


This folder includes brushes of a different nature.


These brushes are available in their own folder. You can find many in the Draw folder.


This folder includes large brushes for painting large areas.

To create brushes

The brush panels in the Tool Options window have an area where you can select the brush type, size, and other parameters as shown in Figure 3-1.

Figure 3-1: Use the Brush Types, Size, and other tabs to select the brushes you want to create.

Photoshop offers an extensive collection

What’s New In Photoshop Download Free Cs5?

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System Requirements:

Oculus Rift DK1 (and DK2) Minimum recommended specifications:
Processor: Intel i5 / AMD Phenom X4
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7850
Required disk space: 30 GB
Minimum recommended screen resolution: 1440×900
Oculus Rift DK2 Minimum recommended specifications:
Processor: Intel i5 / AMD Phenom X6
Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 280
Required disk

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