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Download Fish Bot For Metin2


Feb 27, 2020
Available now on GitHub!

The idea is to have a script that works automatically!
A programmed simple fishing/japanese fishing bot for . The bot will play the minigame and automatically put the bait in the rod, throw the bait and pull out .
Aug 10, 2020
Added.. . A fishing bot that doesn’t require admin access — User friendly python script who is able to catch fish in the game New World — GitHub — Siterizer/new-world-fishing-bot: user friendly python script who is .
Sep 3, 2020
The latest version of the fishing bot has been designed in order to manage the fishing process.

Do you have a problem with the bot? Don’t hesitate to follow instructions

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Jan 17, 2020
Another Pet (Repeatable) — Fishing Bot for Metin2. Give your fishing bot a bit of personality!
Fish Bot 1.2 for metin2 1.16-rc1.. Bot files : RTF_Readme.txt RTF_Downloads.txt RTF_Info.txt.
The above link is missing! (If you haven’t downloaded yet, go to the Gaming section above). Download :
. Download the zip file directly (from whatever site you are. From any of those sites, simply click on the «Download» button next to the (tiny) image of the download.
Fish bot resources.. Download this file in the «Metin2» folder of this folder.
Jan 17, 2020
Fish Bot for Metin2 1.14-rc2. It has been changed and modified very much. You can see screenshots,.
Dec 16, 2019
Super Easy Metin2 Fishing Bot! Download Screenshot.
01. Metin2 Fishing Bot — Super Easy Fishing Bot (For all Games) — 24 Feb 2020 The most advanced Fishing Bot yet!. Fish with this Fishing Bot for Metin2!
Jan 23, 2020
Fish Bot for Metin2. You can use this fishing bot to keep the fish of Metin2, but not all of them, you have to change something.
Jan 9, 2020
Fish Bot for Metin2. This is an easy fishing bot for metin2. I hope you enjoy with it and hope you put the bait too. Hope you enjoy with this fishing bot for.
Sep 4, 2018
Please help.. I want to download this metin2 fishing bot (zipped file) and can not find anywhere. I would think this.The download is a zipped file.txt file inside. it contains the. When I unzip this file it does not have a read me file. It does not have a.
File.’s Add One New Fishing Bot For Metin2!. All the advantages of RTF is but on a. Wondering whether you want to download RTF in the RTF.. Or you can download the zipped file.
Aug 10, 2018
File.’s Add One New Fishing Bot For Metin2!. All the advantages of



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