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If you are an avid fan of reading, you probably know that buying good books is usually expensive and that each item requires extra space on your shelf or library.
In order to avoid spending too much money on your favorite writing and save space on your bookshelf, it is possible to rely on specialized software, such as EDS Google Books Downloader.
Minimalistic user interface
This application comes with a simplistic layout that offers no hidden buttons or menus whatsoever. Therefore, almost any user, regardless of his computer skill, can easily understand and access this program's functions.
Although it is possible to switch between English and Russian languages in the top right corner of the main window, this utility's search function is mostly based on the Russian version of Google Books.
Batch processing
EDS Google Books Downloader allows you to add multiple files to be downloaded, therefore enhancing its overall accessibility by saving you time. However, you might notice that some items are downloaded at extremely low speeds, despite their modest sizes.
Before downloading a book, you can click the magnifying glass icon next to the title to display a preview of its Google Books page, where you can view additional details about it.
Limited supported formats
You can only save your favorite content as PDF, JPG or PNG files, thus limiting your possibilities to only these formats. However, downloading a file as a PDF downloads JPEGs for each of its pages and binds them into a PDF at the end of the operation.
In conclusion, EDS Google Books Downloader can help you save your favorite books from the Google books service. However, note that many books might be in Russian, therefore you need to have specific language knowledge to enjoy them. More so, the file download speed is very low and there are only three supported formats.

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Really well done! This is a must have app if you surf the internet from public wi fi

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EDS Google Books Downloader Crack + License Keygen

Download and convert Google Books to PDF. Easy Google Books Downloader is an advanced Google books downloader. With this book converter you can download Google Books in a batch mode and convert them to PDFs without worrying about the file quality, language or the book format.
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Eds Google Books Downloader

Share your book titles and personalize them. Create your own bookshelf.

It’s a useful tool. I want to download books from the Google books but there’s no way for me. I want to download the books in a batch mode and save them. So I was looking for the application like this. This application fulfills my requirements. I think that it’s a very useful application.

Good app to download google books, I really like the customization, so I can make the name of my downloaded books the same as the original ones. Also, I like the automated mode, I can select my folder and click a button and it will start to work for me!

Well, if you want to get the original book’s title, you need to download them as PDF format, I’m not sure whether the converted books will be original, but maybe it’s a good tool for you to get the original books.

I’m in need to download some of books from Google Books. This is an easy-to-use application for me. I like the way it is doing and the support provided by the developers.

The only complaint is that this app has a very limited support of book formats. I had to convert some of my books to PDF in order to get them downloaded.

I suggest developers to make the support of more formats, especially MS word, EPUB, AZW3, MOBI, RTF,…

It is a cool tool. But it doesn’t support EPUB format, and that’s the only format I want to download. I have a lot of reading online books in that format. But it can download books in PDF format. Maybe this is not the right format, and maybe you should support more formats to satisfy users’ needs. Please reconsider.

It is a great application to download books from Google Books. I found it very user-friendly. After I tried it, I fell in love with it. I can download books by this app in PDF format. I recommend this app to all my friends.

What’s New in the EDS Google Books Downloader?

EDS Google Books Downloader is an easy-to-use application that allows you to save your favorite books from the Google Books service.


Book on Aulus Gellius and Cicero available as a free download

This book on Aulus Gellius and Cicero is available as a free download for your Kindle or….

Book on Aulus Gellius and Cicero available as a free download

This book on Aulus Gellius and Cicero is available as a free download for your Kindle or Nook. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you will enjoy reading this book on Aulus Gellius and Cicero.
Aulus Gellius was a renowned ancient writer who wrote an influential handbook of good living, the Attic Nights. Cicero was a famous Roman orator and politician and one of the few to write philosophical works, education and political advocacy.
The free download contains:
Part One: Introduction to Cicero and Gellius
Chapters 1-3: Life and Works of Aulus Gellius
Part Two: The Attic Nights of Aulus Gellius
Chapters 1-5: Cicero’s Attic Nights
Chapters 6-7: Gellius’ Attic Nights
Chapters 8-10: Notes and Bibliography
Part Three: The Attic Nights of Cicero
Chapters 1-7: Cicero’s Attic Nights
Chapters 8-11: Notes and Bibliography


Shakespeare’s Universe

Shakespeare’s Universe — Have a closer look into Shakespeare’s Universe! Take a virtual journey to the golden…

Shakespeare’s Universe

Shakespeare’s Universe — Have a closer look into Shakespeare’s Universe! Take a virtual journey to the golden age of English Literature and enjoy a fantastic journey of adventure, exploration, and discovery, that opens the door to the wondrous world of the great Bard!
For this episode, Shakespeare’s Universe takes us to spectacular skies above the Universe:
In the first part, discover the origin of William Shakespeare’s genius as we take a journey to the world of the poet in the late 17th century.
Experience the world of Shakespeare’s imagination in part two as we voyage through his remarkable works: «The Tempest», «King Lear», «A Midsummer Night’s Dream», «Macbeth», and «Hamlet».
Discover the magic of Shakespeare in part three as we explore the Shakespearean world with a legend of Shakespearean heroines — from «Desdemona» to «Ophelia».
Join the magical trip in our fourth episode as we fly with Romeo and Juliet over Verona.
Experience the world of Shakespeare’s imagination and dazzle with the wonders of Shakespeare’s world!

Join the

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