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Find Desktop makes it easy to retrieve whatever you need!
It allows you to drammatically decrease the time needed to find, view and elaborate documents.
Find Desktop is integrated with a powerful «full-text» retrieval technology supported by O.C.R. engine.Find Desktop is a tool that allows you to search for desktop files.
This allows you to search directly in the text, starting from one word or exact phrase contained in electronic or image documents.
Other functions are the mail indexing system, the enhanced scanning functions (with virtual annotation capabilities) as well as the management of the classification fields associated with documents render Find Desktop the fast and economic solution for document management.
Find Desktop is equipped of technology «Highlight» that evidences directly on the original document (image file or electronic file) the search results and supports the most common electronic document formats (PDF,Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, etc..) with search capabilities also in ZIP file. Automatic Update functions available.
Here are some key features of «Find Desktop»:
Indexing Engine
Find Desktop allows to index the most common file types placed on local computers or on the Intranet. At the first start, Find Desktop shows a wizard to help users to choose which directory to index. Users can always add or remove directory from the index. All the most common file types are supported. Find Desktop manage indexes up to 7 Gb
Document scanning
Find Desktop supports all Twain driver scanners. It is possible to use the scanner native driver interface or the Find Desktop simplified interface. In the scan option panel, users can set:
■ Page size, with possibility to manually set the sizes
■ Resolution (96, 150, 200, 300 dpi)
■ Scanning options (B/W, Grey scale, Colours)
■ ADF Scan (Automatic documents feeder)
Multipage tif files management
Find Desktop is equipped by a multipage tif file viewer that can manage single page or multipage image files. The page browsing is simplified by the thumbnail menu. By using the right mouse button on a thumbnail, Find Desktop shows the contextual menu. On each image, users can:
■ Acquire one or more page before or after the selected thumb.
■ Cut pages
■ Copy pages
■ Paste pages
■ Delete pages
■ Rotations (90�, 180�, 270�)
■ Deskew image
■ Despeckle image
■ Print image (Selected page, all pages, range of pages)
Virtual annotations on image files
Find Desktop allows to insert virtual annotations on image files. This annotations doesn’t modify «physically» the file. The search for annotations tools allows users to perform searches in the annotations text. Is possible to insert two types of annotations:
■ Text annotations
■ Graphicals annotations
O.C.R. Engine
The built-in OCR engine allows to extract the text from the image tif files acquired by the scanner. The OCR engine is automatically started after each scan. Users can also choose to perform OCR in «Batch mode» by starting the «Search image files without OCR» tool. It is also possible to process image file on the intranet. Finally, if you have more than one OCR engine installed on the Intranet, you can let them work together to reduce the time needed to process your image file.
Tool to check the archive integrity
This tool allows to verify the archive integrity. If a file is missing in the index, users can choose the new path for that file or can choose to delete that file from the index.
Logical operators
To perform more detailed searches, it is possible to use a lot of logical operators.
It is also possible to tie two or more sentences with a logical operator. You can have, for example, a string like «(car during race) OR (racing car)» that gives back all documents that contains one or both phrases.
Highlight of the searched terms
After you perform a Full-Text or a Field search, Find Desktop returns a list of results. You can choose a file from this list to see the results directly highlighted on the file (electronic or image file). For every file, Find Desktop gives back the path and the number of hits for the searched terms
Print List
The Print List allows you to create a virtual folder for your searches. This virtual folder can be created directly after a search by clicking the right mouse button on the image files. The print list options are:
■ Insert in print list with highlight and with /without file path
■ Insert in print list without highlight and with /without file path
The first option allows you to insert the image file with the search text higlighted. You can also choose to insert or not the file path.
Indexing of Zip compressed files
Find Desktop allows to index files contained in zip archives. It is not necessary to extract the files. This options is also available for zip files attached to emails.
Tool to index email databases
Find Desktop has a tool that allows to index e-mail databases. This feature makes it possible to perform searches in the e-mail and also in the attachment files (even if compressed in Zip format). Users can choose which mail folder want to index. This feature is compatible with Outlook (97, 2000, Xp, 2003) Outlook Express and Eudora.
Management of Property fields
Find Desktop allows users to create custom database fields to better classify documents. The available Field types are:
■ Text
■ Integer
■ Decimal
■ Date
■ Memo
The «Search in field» option allows to perform searches in fields values. The field value is shown directly on the right side of each classified document.
Synonyms searches
Find Desktop is integrated with a Synonym dictionary. This allows to search for a word and also for its synonyms.
Conversion tools
It is possible to convert PDF image file in TIF image files. This feature is necessary to perform OCR on PDF image files.
Online Help and Tutorials
Online contextual Help on «F1», Flash tutorials to learn how to use the software.
■ Cpu 300Mhz
■ Ram 64Mb
■ HDD 30Mb (setup)
■ Video Board 800×600 true colors
■ Monitor 800×600 true colors
■ Browser Internet Explorer 5.0
■ 30 uses trial
■ Nag screen







Find Desktop Crack License Keygen [Latest 2022]

Find Desktop is a tool that allows to search for files on the local system and the Intranet.
Find Desktop is a powerful management tool for PDF image files. It manages large directories with hundreds of thousands of files. It uses the information indexed by the built-in OCR engine.
Find Desktop is a tool that helps users to effectively manage desktop files.
With «Search in field» and with «Search image files», users can search for (decimal) values, text or email databases on the local system and the Intranet. By using the built-in OCR engine, Find Desktop also manages multipage tif files.
Users can also benefit from a powerful tool that allows to index PDF image files in their original state. With this option, users can also perform OCR on their image files. This feature allow users to perform searches for annotations on image files.
This tool also enables users to «monitor» from a management perspective the size of the file index and to keep a record of the files that are not installed. It allows users to easily create new database fields and create new advanced search functions to better classify the documents. It also allows users to backup and restore their database with a mouse click.
In addition, for advanced users, it also allows them to take advantage of the collaborative and virtual annotation functions for images.
In this version, Find Desktop also uses a tool that allows to manage computer zip archives.
Find Desktop supports all Twain driver scanners.
For a full list of the supported scanners and the required Twain drivers, please see our website,
Find Desktop is integrated with a powerful «full-text» retrieval technology supported by O.C.R. engine.

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Find Desktop Crack+ License Code & Keygen Free

Find Desktop Crack Mac is an easy to use software that allow to find and classify the most common electronic and image documents.
This includes:
— Desktop documents
— Image files
— Attachments
— Archives
— Email Database
— Other binary and multimedia documents
— Personal Memos
— I.D. documents
Find Desktop Serial Key is integrated with a powerful full-text technology based on «OCR engine» that allows to index the most common image and electronic documents.
Find Desktop For Windows 10 Crack is integrated with a scanner driver support that allows to process the most common scanners support. Scanning can be performed directly on the desktop or through a reduced driver interface.
Find Desktop Cracked 2022 Latest Version is equipped with a powerful virtual annotation to insert text or graphical annotations on image file.
Find Desktop Crack For Windows allows to perform OCR directly on images. It is integrated with a document management tool that allow to perform a multipage tif management. At the first start of Find Desktop Serial Key, it will help users to choose the directory where to index. Users can also add, remove and index image files on their directory.
Find Desktop Crack Keygen is provided with a built-in Online Help that allows to access a contextual help directly on the top of the program.
Find Desktop Cracked Version has also an Online Tutorial to show how to use the software.
For more information go to our site
Find Desktop Cracked Accounts Related Updates:
(Date) Update 1 v 1.2.1 — Tool to check the archive integrity (Delete application binary files from the archive)
(Date) Update 2 v 1.2.2 — «Stop» button in the «File Manager» (Fix problem due to a recent upgrades)
(Date) Update 3 v 1.2.3 — Automatic update of the engine when a new scan is made (avoid to lose previous search results when opening a new file)
(Date) Update 4 v 1.2.4 — Browse by folders (Support for file manager ‘Favorites’ options)
(Date) Update 5 v 1.2.5 — Update of the virtual annotations engine (Insert annotations text directly on the documents)
(Date) Update 6 v 1.2.6 — Update of the internal OCR engine (OCR on pdf documents)
(Date) Update 7 v 1.2.7 — Add Tool to print all the results of a search and index as «virtual» folder (Create a virtual folder for all the returned documents)
(Date) Update 8 v 1.2

Find Desktop Crack+ Download [Mac/Win]

As a «desktop search tool», Find Desktop provides an easy way to find and open items that were saved on your computer.
Why Find Desktop?
Find Desktop allows you to save time and money!
It is a «desktop search tool», integrated with a powerful «full-text» engine that supports the most common file types, including document image files.
Find Desktop allows to perform a search in the text, images and even in the annotations of image files, even if the files were never saved on your computer.
Find Desktop is a fast and economical solution for data management!
Addendum of FREE Make Money Online Software powered by Clickbank:
Find Desktop contains the following options:
■ File search in more than 40 000 categories
■ Tif File Management
■ Virtual Annotation on image files
■ EDB Manager (Open/edit/Copy/Delete databases)
■ PDF Index
■ HTML Index
■ Conversion of PDF image files in TIF files
■ Conversion of e-mail attachments in TIF files
■ Back Search
■ Convert TIF to TIFF
■ Print List
■ Index Management
■ Database Maintanance
What is new in this version (1.0.52)?
What is new in this version?
■ [Bug fix] Fixed a bug that displays infinite loop when using multi-page tifs
■ [Bug fix] Fixed a bug with antivirus programs (they act a little longer than usual)
■ [Bug fix] Fixed a bug when renaming the virtual folder path «ReadingTif»
■ [Bug fix] Fixed a bug in some PDF files indexing
■ [Change] Added a new option (Delete) in the print list
■ [Change] Added the possibility to import multiple TIF images per page (multiple tif per page)
■ [Change] Minor modifications to the Highlight feature
What is new in version 1.0.51?
What is new in this version 1.0.51?
■ [Improvement] Fixed some bugs
■ [Improvement] Added better help for background image
■ [Change] Implemented more functions
■ [Change] Improved the quality of the image files when importing

What’s New In Find Desktop?

Find Desktop is a tool that allows to search for documents and desktop files placed anywhere in your Intranet or at your local computer.
Find Desktop doesn’t require to install any specific software on your machine or on the Intranet.
Find Desktop allows to:
■ Find documents or desktop files located at local computer
■ Find documents or desktop files located on the Intranet.
Find Desktop is able to index desktop files at local computer and desktop files (PDF, MS.Word, MS.Excel, etc.) at Intranet. You can add images and text documents on your local computer. Find Desktop supports all file formats including the most archive type.
Find Desktop supports Word and Excel document types. If users encounter a problem while they are using, they can always use the online help tools.
Find Desktop is compliant with Windows Operating System (Win98, WinNT, WinXP). This software is not compatible with Mac OS. Find Desktop is an universal tool.
Find Desktop is integrated with the powerful O.C.R. engine. This engine allows to perform all the sophisticated O.C.R. capabilities. This engine has no limitations.
Find Desktop also integrated with a highlighting function. This function is necessary to perform OCR on image files and documents.
The highlight engine allows to perform:
■ Typing of the highlighted words (also for audio files and compressed text documents)
■ Typing of the highlighted phrases
■ Typing of the highlighted part of a document
■ Typing of highlighted words in images
■ Typing of highlighted words in archives
■ The highlighting can be performed on text, image, audio or compressed text files. For each element of the document, the user can decide to get highlighted only one word, phrase, sentence or a part of a document. For example, it is possible to get the highlighted definition of a word or a phrase, without knowing the complete article. The highlighting function is also possible to keep track of the number of results found so far.
Find Desktop provides advanced logical operators to perform more detailed searches.
It is also possible to tie several sentences with logical operators.
Find Desktop provides options to create and manage virtual folders for your searches. You can have a virtual folder for each of your searches. This option allows you to select where to insert your results.
Find Desktop is integrated with a online help system and provides tutorial for

System Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista/Windows 7 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core2 Quad Processor (Q9400, Core i7)
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia 7600 GS / ATI HD4850
Hard Disk: 7GB free space
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia 7800 GS / ATI

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