JonDoConsole Activator [32|64bit]


JonDoConsole is a client for JonDonym that can also work as a telnet interface for remote sessions. It is the console-based counterpart of JonDo, providing a convenient way to change the IP address of the host computer via the command prompt.
Designed to work similarly to a proxy server, JonDoConsole can encrypt the Internet traffic and forward it to mix cascades, which results in the concealing of the computer's real identity. Before using it, you need to keep in mind that, although it provides an anonymity tool, it does not change your system's settings. In other words, if you want a certain application to reroute its traffic via proxy, you still have to configure it manually to do so.
To start JonDoConsole via the command prompt, you must type in the following command: "java -jar JonDoConsole.jar [options]". There are various options you can choose from, among which you can find commands to change the configuration, set the daemon process, and so on.
Once JonDoConsole is running, you can see all its commands by using "help". The option that should interest you most is the "choose" command, which reveals a list of the available cascades you can reroute your Internet traffic to and thus hide your identity when navigating on the Internet. With a premium account, you get access to premium cascades. To change the cascade the PC is forwarding traffic to, you just have to type in "switch".
JonDoConsole can also be launched as a daemon in the background, using the remote controller Telnet interface.







JonDoConsole Torrent 2022 [New]

The JonDoConsole Full Crack client is a terminal based application that provides a convenient way to change the IP address of the host computer, so that your real IP address is not disclosed to any possible connection interceptors. To do so, it works as a telnet server, where you can connect to it via telnet. Once it is running, you can change the IP address in the host computer’s configuration file (e.g. /etc/hosts) and then telnet to its IP address to perform the remote session.
As mentioned above, JonDoConsole Crack Mac provides not only a proxy server but also an anonymity tool (as they are both based on the cascading concept). However, even when using a premium account, you still have to configure applications (to hide their traffic) on the host computer manually. In order to help you with that, we have made an application call JonDoConsole Cracked Accounts, which works as a client that automatically configures and changes the IP address of applications, enabling you to hide the presence of your computer on the Internet.
First, you need to download and install the client. Then, you should connect to it via telnet, type in «help», and navigate to the «choose» option. You are presented with a list of the currently running cascades. Choose the one you want to work with, connect to it via telnet, and you are ready to go.
An example of the use of JonDoConsole Product Key is as follows:
telnet hostname
Trying hostname…
Connecting to hostname…
telnet> help

Global information:

hostname: [hidden] port: [hidden]

password: [hidden]


c1: [hidden] c2: [hidden]


c1: [hidden] c2: [hidden]

How to do it:

choose c1
Switch: [hidden] select c1

c1> quit

c1> help

Global information:

ip: [hidden] domain: [hidden]

access: [hidden]

choose c2
Switch: [hidden] select c2

c2> quit

c2> help

Global information:

ip: [hidden] domain: [hidden]

access: [hidden]



JonDoConsole Incl Product Key (2022)

  • Chat
  • ChatHistory
  • Components:
    • Connect
    • Disconnect
    • Ping
    • Games
    • FindFriend
  • SecurityTools
    • TrafficInfos
    • TrafficShuffle
    • GoodNews
    • TrafficLite
  • Modes
    • WebSearch
    • Chat
    • ChatHistory
    • TrafficTracker
  • Packets
    • Cookie
    • Disconnect
    • ICM
    • ICM2
    • ICM2_post
    • ICS
    • ICM_ICM
    • Username
    • WebPages
    • Headlines
  • Statistics
    • Connection
    • Search
    • Chat
    • Reuse
    • Packets
    • Cookies
    • Headlines
  • Hexdump
  • Options
    • ChangeCascade
    • Config
    • Status
    • Help
    • Debug
  • Daemon
  • Telnet Interface


  • With a premium account (Money$ / Points$), you can get access to premium cascades (TrafficLite and TrafficTracker).
  • With a revenue plan (Money$), you get free access to premium cascades and to the administration interface.
  • With a website plan (Money$), you get free access to premium cascades and to the administration interface.
  • Free license: You can use this program for your personal use. You are allowed to modify the source code of the application. Please note, however, that you are responsible for the contents of the application. The creator of the application is not liable for any damage caused by the usage of the program. No guarantees, warranties or representations are made regarding the program’s workability, accuracy of the application’s instructions or timely delivery of the application. The program or application may contain bugs or errors that cause loss of data or damage to your computer. You may not copy the application or this documentation, or otherwise reproduce or redistribute the application or this documentation, in whole or part, without prior written consent of the creator of the application.


  • Monitored traffic now includes only data that has been transfered to the monitor object.
  • Packets containing the following characters in their content will no longer be displayed in the packet stream: «=+,;

Removing Packet Counts:

Starting with version 5.

JonDoConsole Crack+

Starting with the JonDo Console, you can connect to the host computer and change its IP address and other settings. This client is based on java and requires the Java runtime environment installed on the system.

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The command line file browser

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What’s New In?

JonDoConsole is a console-based client to JonDonym. It is designed to be useful for the desktop and network administrators for changing a PC’s IP Address to another Network, without having to use any type of add-on software.
With JonDoConsole you have several options to change the IP of the computer to another IP address. You can select between three basic options.
— The «one-click» option that will allow you to choose a network from the list. This option is useful for people that have a list of networks that they will use every time. Also, using this option is less work.
— The «direct-connect» option that will be useful if you want to connect to a network without having to change the IP of the computer.
— The «menu-system» option. You can use this option to load and choose any of the 6 IP Address Menu. JonDoConsole will automatically choose the name of the IP you will use. (IP address choice)
If you want to use the «direct connect» mode, you can use the «choose» command. After choosing the network you want to connect to, you will be directed to its configuration screen to set-up the connection.
In the «choose» command you will see different levels of firewall. You can use the «chosen» command to change the firewall of the selected network. If you are using a «menu system» you can just select the «i» command.
You can change the port and IP address for connecting to the network. You can use the «port» command to choose the network’s port. This is useful if you are going to be using the same computer and the same port. You can also see the current port by using the «which» command.
Once you have chosen a network, the IP of the computer will be changed to the network you selected. You will be able to see this in the configuration screen. It will have the new IP address, the old IP address, the new hostname, and the current IP address.
If you want to change the IP address back to the original value, you can use the «get» command.
In the configuration screen you can enable or disable the firewall options.
If you are using a «menu system» you will have the option of adding a new network, or you will be directed to the «open network». If the network is already open you will be directed to the configuration

System Requirements For JonDoConsole:

To run within the testing server, the game must be able to run on a computer with a 64-bit operating system and a CPU Core i5 2400/Core i7 2600/Core i7 3770. For best performance, we recommend the latter. To best experience the game, you must have an NVIDIA graphics card with 512 MB VRAM or more. The game will default to a recommended VRAM amount of 1 GB. Your GPU must also be able to run the game in DX11 mode. To ensure DX11 mode, the NVIDIA Control Panel must be updated to the latest

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