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This article covers Photoshop basics, including such topics as brushes, layers, tools, and selections. It also covers the basics of layers, selections, and layers.

This article teaches the basics of Photoshop so that you can use the program effectively, quickly, and efficiently. You will be learning about the following topics: how to use the program, how to set up a new project, how to manage layers and masks, how to use the tools and commands, how to add layers, how to work with selections, how to use brushes, how to use the Layers panel, and how to save and export a Photoshop project.

The article covers many of the basic concepts that will enable you to work with an Adobe program for the first time.

The article has been written by a beginner, who took the time to read the tutorials and explore the program. It provides beginners with an introduction to the program and to the various features that are most commonly used by designers.


Using the standard tools, such as the Brush and Pen tools, you can create vector-based layers that you can manipulate and edit. These tools don’t need to be used on each layer; however, you will probably want to select multiple layers to make edits.

Using the Brush tools creates raster images. You can, for instance, draw a line or use the Stroke, Mesh, and Eraser tools to create a path that can be filled or outlined. The Matte tools are used to modify the alpha channel that shows the transparency of a layer.

The tools provided by the Brush tool are shown in Figure 1.

The Tracing tool creates an outline by tracing over an image. It is useful when you need a precise outline or you have an imperfect drawing.

The Gradient tool is used to create a gradient. Gradients can be either linear or radial, and they can be used to create a variety of effects, including animation and effects that change the color of an object over a defined area.

The Stroke and Mesh tools can be used to create an outline, as the stroke. The Stroke tool creates a line and the Mesh tool creates an area. The Paths feature can be used to create a path that can be used as a group with other layers.

The Brush tool uses its own brush presets.

Figure 1. The Brushes tool.

The Pen tool is similar to a brush but is used to draw vector graphics.

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So what exactly does Photoshop Elements allow you to do with image editing? Well, they’re both technically image editors, but Photoshop Elements aims more towards the beginning stages of editing and image composition. It contains many of the basic tools of a traditional editor, including Adjustments, Black and White, and Gradient and Colors. In addition, Elements contains some specialised tools and features for wedding photography, 3D and effects.

However, there are some key differences between the two. For example, Photoshop Elements’ Guided Edit and Free Transform tools are often used by those beginning to take their first steps in editing images. In addition, Elements and Photoshop have different professional level features, so knowing which version you are using is important.

This article will help you get your feet wet in Photoshop Elements and will also walk you through some of the basic features of the editor.

These tutorials will teach you the key features of Photoshop Elements:

  1. Basic Editing in Photoshop Elements

Changing the View

The view in Photoshop Elements is set up similar to Photoshop. You have the normal image window, and you have the guide window – which will always be green.

To change your view, you select View from the Window Menu, and you can select from the following:

Photo: This will show your original image window, your chosen colors and the layers.

Image: This will show the same window you had before, but in black and white.

Guide: This is a grayscale of your original image, and it’s the default view.

If you only want to see the picture, then the Photo window is the easiest one to use. If you want to see all the possible settings that go with the image, then the image window is the way to go.

Changing the Background Color

In order to change the background color, simply click on the “B” button in the bottom left corner of the image window. Here you have a color picker that allows you to select any of the available 10 colors.

Once you have selected a color, you can then change the overall colour of the image with a large color wheel in the top right corner.

There is also a black and white toggle in the top right. This is an easy way to change the color of the entire image, without affecting any of

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