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This key allows the webmaster to specify a password or phrase to be used in the HTML header (http-equiv) if a user agent requests that content in trackback format. This was originally written by Craig Leres and modified by Ray Sanders.

Enables the contents of an tag if a user agent (usually a search engine) requests it in trackback.
This key was designed for use by webmasters in order to prevent web spiders from crawling their content. In other words, this will prevent web spiders from visiting your website and indexing your content in their search engine index.
In order to use this key, set it to a password or phrase which only you know. Your web browser will request the contents of the html header if it receives a trackback request.
If you set this key to a valid password or phrase, your web browser will ask for that phrase in the header (http-equiv) of the content of the html tag that is included in a trackback request. So, you need to enter the correct password or phrase when you are setting up the contents of the html tag that is included in a trackback request.
If you don’t set a password or phrase, the browser won’t ask for a password or phrase and your content will be included in the trackback. So, if you are setting up your contents with your browser, you don’t need to use this key.
If your content doesn’t request your password or phrase, or if the password or phrase that you entered is not correct, the contents of the html tag will be ignored, and a normal html request will be sent to the browser, which means that your content won’t be included in the trackback.

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Date posted: 2013-01-20

LifeType author

This key is no longer used with LifeType. It was part of the default lifeType_html_head_exclude_file.ini. It was removed because it 70238732e0

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Installation: unpack the archive to a temporary or permanent directory and run setup.exe
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