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Manual Limba Franceza Clasa 6 Cavallioti Pdf

Brazilian Portuguese (Português Brasileiro or Brazilian Portuguese) is the official language of the Federative Republic of Brazil, being the second in South America and the tenth in the world in terms of the number of speakers. [5] In the European Union it is a minority language after Turkish (1.8 million speakers), French (1.7 million speakers) and Italian (1.3 million speakers). Portuguese is the second most widely spoken language in Latin America after Spanish, with more than 100 million speakers.

It is mostly spoken in Brazil. However, it is spoken by many emigrants in many parts of the world, especially in places like South Africa, United States, Portugal and Macau; also by some people in places like Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay, being also very popular in Angola, Mozambique and, to a lesser extent, Madagascar, Guyana and Equatorial Guinea. Even more than one million Portuguese speakers live in Portugal, Brazil and Angola.

The language is in the first level of the Portuguese language proficiency scale, which applies to the Portuguese communities living in the European Union, the Americas, the Caribbean and Africa, where the proficiency is acquired as an addition to another EU languages like English or Spanish. The European Commission is now proposing that a level of proficiency be adopted for the European languages that are not an official EU language.

The majority of the people who speak Portuguese can also speak English. Therefore, there are Portuguese people who know English but not Portuguese, and vice versa, also those who have Spanish, French, Italian, German, Brazilian Portuguese and Macau Portuguese. The majority of the people who speak Portuguese also know Spanish.

Differences between the Portuguese dialects

The Portuguese dialects are mostly homogeneous, and there are not many differences between the dialects. However, there are always some differences between the Portuguese dialects which are more apparent when compared to other languages.

The main differences between the Portuguese dialects are:


The most noticeable differences in the pronunciation of the dialects is that between the Portuguese from Portugal, Brazil, Angola and Mozambique and other places, such as the Arabic influence in the Arabic-based languages, the proximity of the Spanish language and the Portuguese words written with diacritics, Portuguese words written with macrons and the Latin influence in the Brazilian Portuguese.

However, there are also differences between Portuguese from Portugal, Brazil, Angola and Mozamb

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