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Math Chat is an attempt to make communication between Math TA’s and students that go to Universities and High Schools easier.
Users can customize a keyboard so that chatting using standard text and math formulas is easy and intuitive for anyone. MathChat includes:

Basic features:
Customizable keyboard
Math formulas
One chat window per TA

MathChat Features:

Math formula editor

Message editing

Send messages

Type abbreviations

Customize keyboard

One-to-one chat

More complete email support

Calendar of users in real-time (Activity Stream)

MathChat Scale

MathChat is free software and is distributed under the GNU GPL. It may be used freely by individuals and groups without charge as long as you add the MathChat name to your website so that it is easily found, or you distribute to others the same terms.
Supported Platforms:
Windows X86
Linux X86


I’ve used the Pmw, but its not as useful as I would like to be.
It doesn’t even load that quickly, which is a little troublesome since it is a chat program.
But, it does have several features that make it fun.

Printable math symbols and text is still hidden

It has many keys, but they aren’t complex enough

It still has an undo button, and can be set to +1-10% if you want to.

The send/receive buttons work with the keyboard.

Mathchat can quickly scroll a large text area with up and down arrows.


I have been using Math Jungle.
It is not the most user friendly of the many live internet chat options that are available.
But has many useful features.
Some of the current limitations are:
1. No copy/paste of text.
2. If someone sends a message that you don’t want to see, it is still visible on the chat screen. You have to click «hide» or hit escape to ignore it.
3. No email support.


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MathChat is a new approach to web based learning. Instead of making web

web pages with hyperlinks, MathChat uses mathematical forms (such as
Ellipse, InverseFunction, etc.) as the basic building blocks to construct
a shared virtual environment. Most MathChat programming is done in the
constructing the page, and in subsequent page load events.

For those who don’t already know MathChat is a Virtual Environment, or
a Virtual Mathworld. So you can use MathChat in all web browsers. It can
even be used as a standalone program.

Differences from a Mathworld

1.The user is never taken away from the Mathworld and gets a real time
feedback about the math he/she has done or is about to do.
2.Students can edit and add to the Mathworld online.

MathChat is primarily meant to be used with students in classes where
they are interacting in class or doing homework. This means that the
user can create and modify math problems/answers (in forms), but more
importantly, can receive and send feedback and collaboration during

The math quizzes or tests are a virtual «cheat sheet». The student
pays the time to try and do well on the questions, and then look for
where he/she went wrong.

MathChat doesn’t require installation. The simple format of the math
forms make them quick to construct. MathChat makes it easy to see
the current math problem, and to tell students how to do it, all in
real time, over a secure connection.

MathChat makes it easy to manage a large group of students, and to
share a Mathworld with other groups, or to create multiple Mathworlds
for personal use.

A preliminary MathChat demo is available at

Log in at and click on the Login link>

You will see a screen with a form on it.

If you click on the name line above the form, a dialog box will open
asking for the username and password that you are

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MathChat is designed to be a free
math chat program, for use by mathematics students
and teachers. The main purpose of this application is to provide a
platform to make communications between Mathematics undergraduate and
graduate students and teachers easy.
MathChat features:

A math chat client based on open source technologies. It uses open
source technologies to eliminate barriers of cost and incompatibility
as this client is platform independent and can be easily ported to
other Operating Systems. Currently MathChat supports Windows, Linux,
Solaris, FreeBSD and Macintosh. The chat client can be installed
through the graphical interface or via the command line. The
command line tool is for users who wish to use the chat client on
BBS, on Unix/Linux systems or even on mobile systems running
Android or Linux Kernel.

The client comes with a fixed character model and a
fast character key layout.

The chat client supports MathML, HTML and MathJax. The math text can be
formatted using LaTex or can be copied and pasted.

A chat client that resembles the native MS- Windows chat client.
It supports email like real time chat.

A keyboard for entering math formulas and for composing messages.

The chat client uses a new style of user interface that is well suited
for mobile devices.

A program that makes it easy to turn a computer into a full Math.A calculator.
It gives the math student the power to perform simple calculations
over the web. The features include a calculator that is simple
enough for even a computer novice to use.

A program that assists in the creation of math worksheets and equations.
It includes handy shortcut keys to keep the student organized.

MathChat is written in Java to work on any computer and is just
a graphical user interface around a TCP/IP socket server and Java
javax.sound classes. It does not need to be installed on a computer.

MathChat is currently being developed for free. The future goals of
MathChat are as follows:

  1. To provide a general chat client. This will ease the use of text
    and mathematical communications between students and teachers. It will
    foster a greater understanding between

What’s New in the MathChat?

MathChat works like a chat room except for the Math operators of/=+-*/
Users can customize the keyboard so that math operators are easier to type and use.
The following are some of the features of MathChat:

«My personal math chat» math operators are customized for easier typing and use
Chat rooms are created with pre-defined set of rules to avoid possible misunderstandings
The chat room layout and rules can be changed easily by the users
It allows multiple users

Please tell me if you have any questions!


To my knowledge, this does not exist.
However, I have noticed, at my university, there is no such thing either. We have yet to come up with an idea.

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In our continuing quest

System Requirements For MathChat:

Pentium II/III
200MHz or faster processor speed
32-bit operating system
128MB or more video RAM
High-resolution display (1280×1024 or better)
We strongly recommend that you install the game and run the AI and server tests before attempting to play the game.
Windows 10 is not currently supported.
Return to Kestrel’s Last Stand for the full game experience. Return to Kestrel’s Last Stand for the full game experience.
On June 10

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