PATCHED Sawtooth Software V6.4.6 [PATCHED]


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PATCHED Sawtooth Software V6.4.6


December 18, 2020 — Patched Sawtooth V6.0.0 Software
Patched SWTSV6.1.0 — Update of SWT6.10.0 patch from 17.10 11/18/2020.
Compatible with SW Toolkit v1.11
Setup and management
— Working with the scanner (the «Preview» button is shown before scanning)
Read 2
read 4
filter > 0
Counter and guidance
Approximation in the program
At the command prompt, enter [USERBINARY]NETFIELDS?, then run Patch and open it in a text editor:
Program configuration

configuration file
/modules/imageInputSource.dat (the canvas2.png file from the Corel Draw 12 package for Windows 10)
/direct2d3.cs (direct3d12.dkimage.dropitem)
Scale and Fill
To set the scale and fill, you can use the following commands:
Copy C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows\Patches\Patch SawToolkits\ApplicationData\{0}
C copy C:\\Program Data\\Image Input Source\\ Image Input Windows\\ImageInput WinRT\\Input RT\\Image RT Windows\\Income -1
Scale -1 *10 -1 **2
Screen -1 (1024×768) -1 $0.5
Scaled t



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