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Adobe’s Photoshop software is a big and increasingly expensive buy. If you already have it, the next few pages will help you keep it running smoothly. If you haven’t yet bought the software, this page will help you decide if Photoshop is a program you’d like to invest in.


Learn Photoshop:

Learn Photoshop: A Beginner’s Guide

Version 5:

Version 5 has a lot of major new features and a few major changes to existing features. These include:

A new workflow called Content Aware Fill, which essentially searches for what is different in a picture and intelligently fills in the gaps;

A powerful new tool called Content-Aware Move, which allows you to select multiple images in a group and easily apply the same transform (moving, rotating, cropping, etc.) to them. This can be used to create a seamless panorama or to make a nice-looking «shuffle» video out of a group of images;

New tools that work with both layers and the new content-aware fill tool to identify duplicate layers;

Improved speed and memory performance, making it faster to paint large areas and better at dealing with larger files;

Automatic color management that allows your image to work in different color spaces, including Rec. 709, Rec. 2020, and sRGB;

A new Undo system that lets you stack up more than two actions in one step to undo them in a sequence and to undo multiple steps in one step. Some of the other changes include an improved visual appearance of the main workspace and a new small menu called the History Panel that shows all actions you’ve taken in a picture as well as recent actions that you’ve performed. In addition, some Tools features have been improved (e.g., Basic Image Editing is now part of the 3D tools).

Version 4:

Version 4 remains mostly unchanged. It has the same look as version 3, but a few usability enhancements, including:

The Paint Bucket tool now works when the Brush tool is selected. It also has a new contextual menu for applying different opacity settings;

You can move the layer containing the background of a picture up in the Layers palette to isolate it from any other layers. This is useful if you accidentally move the background in any other way. If you’re painting over an existing image, you can change the layer mode to Screen instead of Normal so that the picture will remain partially

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Is Photoshop Elements the right choice for you? We review Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 and recommend it.

What is Photoshop Elements?

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 can be used as a stand-alone program or as a plug-in for the online Adobe Photoshop. It does most tasks with ease but lacks some features of Photoshop, like the ability to import and edit custom presets, used in other software.

These are the basic features of the program:

Developing a special effect

Create a creative mask

Adding text

Cropping an image

Duplicating an image

Erasing an area

Fixing problems like colors

Creating gradient

Creating special effects

Creating and editing sliders

Exporting images to different formats

Adjusting colors

Creating and editing shapes

And much more

Designer agree: Photoshop Elements 13 is the right choice for photographers and graphic designers

Photoshop Elements 13 is not the right choice for graphic designers, web designers or programmers who need to create web pages, especially those who need to learn Dreamweaver or another web design program.

Other features that are important for them are detailed below:

Importing and editing custom presets (used in other programs)

Modifying the canvas size, layer styles and transitions

Managing images on a page – you can create, resize or move images on a page, manage the size of all images on a page, change their colors and more

Finding, selecting and changing colors

Find similar images

Add, remove, hide or customize menus

And much more

What are the main differences between Adobe Photoshop Elements and Photoshop?

The main difference between Photoshop Elements 13 and other Adobe Photoshop versions like Photoshop CS6, Photoshop CS5 or Photoshop CS4, is the interface, while Photoshop Elements 13 is identical to the online version.

The user interface, window arrangement and task orders are identical as the online Photoshop.

The same applies to all the other features, so if you use Photoshop Elements 12 to create images, you can use the same Photoshop elements 13 software to edit images just as easy.

The only difference is the inability to import and edit custom presets.

What are the differences between Photoshop Elements 13 and Photoshop CS6?

The main differences between the two are the number of features and the interface.

Photoshop Elements 13 has most of the features of Photoshop

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Filter To view multiple filters at once, select Edit > Filter Gallery. Click the More button. You can select which filters to display. By default, Photoshop displays 25 filters, although you can add filters to your collection.

Tools You can access the Photoshop tools palette by selecting Edit > Tool Options. These tools are in the Basic panel of Photoshop. By default, the Basic panel of Photoshop shows tools for video creation, web design, graphic design, photo retouching and special effects.


Photoshop Tools
Photoshop comes with quite a few tools, which can be found in the Basic panel. From left to right they are the following:

The Asset Panel
Brush and Pen
Clone Stamp
Dodge & Burn
Oil Paint
Selective Color
Spot Healing Brush
and Waviness

When you use the brushes, you can paint over any area that you want, so use this when you want to create a new layer to make some changes, but you don’t want to save it.
The next tool which I’d recommend to use is the clone stamp. You don’t need to edit the exact same spot that you started painting over, so I advise you to use this when you want to fix some spots in an image.
The next tool which you can use is the liquify tool. You can use this tool to make your image look blurred, and it’s great for adding different effects to your images.

The last tool that I’d recommend to use is the selective color. This tool will allow you to color an area of an image, and it will change the rest of the image to the other colors you choose.

Good luck with the classes! 🙂


There are also other tools which are very useful such as:

Options — Reset default settings;
Rectangular Selection tool — Allows you to edit a specific area of your picture;
The Gradient tool — Allows you to mix two colors and apply them to a specific area;
Adjustment Brush — Allows you to paint on an image, brightening or darkening specific areas;
History panel — Displays the original image and the edited version.

In the end, I would suggest you

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