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Photoshop Elements is sold in monthly subscription model or as a non-subscription version. However, you can also buy a single copy of Photoshop Elements.

The subscription model costs between $7-$10 per month. This means you are paying an annual fee with every new month. You can also get a single copy of Photoshop Elements for $199. For an individual or a small business you can pay $49 per month for Photoshop Elements.

The non-subscription version costs between $14.99-$20.99 per month. This means that you don’t have to pay an annual fee but you will pay for one new Adobe product per month. So if you purchase five products like Photoshop Elements you will have to pay $99.85 per month, while the subscription model costs only $10.95 per month.

In this article, we will compare and contrast the features of Photoshop Elements 20 & the new Adobe Photoshop CC in order to decide which one is right for your Photoshop photography needs.

These are the prices on the product page for the Adobe Photoshop CC and Photoshop Elements 20.

The Adobe Photoshop Elements 20 is a graphics editor and web designer by Adobe. This means that it can help you in designing logos, flyers, layouts, brochures and other graphic material. It can also help you with your website design.

This version of Photoshop Elements lacks some of the advanced features of the professional version, but it has a simpler user interface and a lot of new features. A lot of Photoshop fans said that the interface is easier to use.

The people on the Adobe forum said that it is easier to navigate than the professional version. You can easily find tools like the pencil tool, shape tools, perspective transforms, and retouch tools. It also lets you work with layers.

You can add new fonts, change the colors, work with text and brush options. You can also work with effects such as lighting and filters, add text to your photos, create new images and more.

The new Adobe Photoshop CC by Adobe is a redesigned version of Photoshop. Its new features include 6 video editing tools, an improved raw editor, and content aware fills. It also has more options for powerful image corrections and style adjustments.

Adobe Photoshop CC is available to buy as a single copy and as a subscription. You can get it for $20.99 per month or purchase a one year subscription for $999.

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Once you’ve familiarized yourself with Photoshop’s tools, you’ll want to hone your skills by exploring the settings it offers. The Preferences panel can be found in the Window menu or in the top right corner of your screen. Here you can change which tools appear on your Tools bar, the default brush size and color, and more.

The Filter gallery: An entire gallery of filters that can be applied to images. The most common ones are Lens Blur, Color Effects and Grunge. Use these to give your images a unique and artistic look. It’s also a good way to polish an image if you’re having trouble getting the details to pop.

Export: Clicking the Export command gives you an opportunity to make copies of the image you’ve worked on. You can export it as a high-resolution JPEG or high-resolution TIFF, a regular JPEG, a layered TIFF, a GIF or an EPS file.
You can also save a copy of the image in a different file format. This opens the options box shown here:

You’ll have the option to save your image as a GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PSD file and even PDF file.
Designer: This tool gives you basic tools for designing Web sites. It offers an interface similar to Microsoft’s Dreamweaver program. You can drag and drop files or elements to the page and view them at a preview of your website.

New presets: Many of Photoshop’s new features can be accessed with the new Presets panel, found in Window > Presets (or simply press Shift + F9). This opens the panel shown here. Some of the useful tools that can be found here include a new brush design, a watercolor tool, and the Oil Paint filter. The Presets are organized into collections, and you can create a new Presets folder to store multiple collections of presets.

Brush Presets: In addition to the new presets, Photoshop includes a new brush presets panel:

Use the drop down list to select a brush preset to use with your images. You can change the color, opacity, size and shape of the brush by pressing the button next to the drop down list.

Pen Tools: These are the most useful for graphic designers. They let you create precise lines, shapes and patterns with one tool. They can also be very useful for editing and correcting your images. Try the Pen, Line, Shape and Path tools by pressing Shift + U,

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