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Adobe Creative Cloud Courses

A terrific online community of professional photographers and instructors offers an extensive selection of tutorials covering a broad range of topics for the Photoshop Creative Cloud (which is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems). Whether you are just beginning to work with Photoshop or are an expert, I encourage you to check out the Photoshop tutorials at Adobe’s website: All their courses can be accessed online, both in full-length videos as well as playlists, and through a free trial that allows you to experience the program’s key features for two weeks.

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While Photoshop is a well known and popular piece of software, Photoshop Elements is still worth investigating even if you already have a license for Photoshop. Its cheaper price and simpler interface mean that it is a budget option for those looking to increase their editing capabilities or launch a successful career in graphic design.

This post offers the best features of Photoshop Elements, the good and the bad. We’ve hand-picked the best Photoshop Elements alternatives available and list them below.

#1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

A photography editor and imaging workflow.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Source:

Lightroom is a software product produced by Adobe used for editing digital photographs.

If you would like to display your work in full colour, Lightroom automatically merges the raw and JPG files from your DSLR camera to create an archive containing a set of photographs. You can edit each photo using the tools that you are most comfortable with. This is why lightroom is popular among amateur and professional photographers alike.

The latest version of Lightroom supports almost all cameras and card formats and is available for a number of platforms. Lightroom provides auto-exposure, auto-white balance, 4K editing, RAW exposure for HDR, support for the DNG, 4K videos, and even a virtual studio.

As with any other Adobe product, Lightroom includes a bundle of free applications. This includes Adobe’s popular Bridge image management and organization application, Adobe Bridge Browser for browsing files, Adobe Speedgrade for adjusting images, Adobe Revel for visualizing large images, Adobe After Effects for motion graphics, Adobe Creative Cloud for retouching, Photoshop, and the Adobe Creative Suite 6/6 Premium.

Some of the best features of Photoshop Lightroom

Ability to deliver 6k videos on social media and websites, including Facebook live.

Google Drive integration for improved image access.

Ability to import from other file formats for editing purposes.

Export to popular social media and image hosting platforms.

There is a free version of Lightroom that allows you to edit and share photos from your phone or tablet.

#2. Adobe Bridge

Acquaint yourself with your images and organize your files with its most popular features.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Source:

Bridge is a file management tool from Adobe used to sort and organize your images.

Bridge is

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require ‘airbrake/plugin/engine’
require ‘airbrake/plugin/filter’
require ‘airbrake/plugin/notification’
require ‘airbrake/plugin/reporting’

module Airbrake
module Plugins
# This plugin is responsible for telling Airbrake when requests are logged to log back to the client application
# and to record exceptions and errors.
# This plugin automatically logs calls to capture(), notice(), critical(), error(), exception(),
# report(), and exception_record() defined in this module
# For example, the code:
# capture(Airbrake.config.application_logging_option, message = ‘Some log message’)
# catch(Exception) do
# error(error_message: ‘Something went wrong’)
# end
# Will emit the following events:
# In contrast, this code:

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