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23) with HD 720p playback (WiFi + 3G) Android Apk App This is a quick guide explaining how to install the .apk app on your Android smartphone or tablet to start using it. How to install the Android Api application and start using it now, read the following blog articles. with a map of the world by the Flemish artist Hugo van der Huss, created in 1388.
Also on the project website you can find other interesting posts and articles, links to useful resources, as well as use search services.
Search options
The project invites site visitors to take advantage of multiple opportunities to find what interests them. For example, you can use a database search of materials. The page also has the ability to search by diagram.
The project has been working with various Internet portals that use this world map for a long time. At the moment, the site has 540 pages, but every day their number is growing. The project involves more than 200 thousand people who regularly use this application.
Why is this card useful?
The developers of the project offer their users to make a journey into the past of the Earth. Travel here takes place in the distant past from the present, when plants were with large leaves, rivers flowed over large plains and the seas were huge. In the past, a huge number of people lived.
The project website features various historical records from various sources that describe the progress in people’s lives in different time periods. You can also get acquainted with maps and interesting stories from various sources.
Many of the texts on the pages of the project are written in poetic form. When searching for information, you can use the advanced search. You can also refer to a section that offers authors of publications interesting opportunities for literary creativity.
In the project, you can find images of animals from different regions of the world. Also at the end of each page, it is suggested to note where you can find a similar image.
Comments on the material
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