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Panning is controlled by V-Portamento.  The V Portamento is controlled by V-Depressor, which is controlled by velocity sensitivity.  Velocity sensitivity can also be controlled by the Decay envelope, which controls how sensitive it is to velocity.  The Decay envelope affects both the Delay and Pan sections.

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Brief Demo:

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Uses the following tech:
Analogue Synthesis Technology to provide incredible pitch control
OSC’s available for multiple channels
3-piece oscillators with detuning, detune, amplifier, and decay.
All of the above can be controlled by the LFO module
Built in filter bank with 2 LFO’s and 4 filter types
Gated delay effects to provide huge depth
Modulate LFO with PWM synth control
5 operator modules to give you so many great sounds
8 ensembles for more sounds
Built in Tube Saturator
Many other sounds and features not listed here.

VST instruments & plugins include:

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JChirp is a program for Twitter which allows you to use Twitter API for all operations.
This includes: displaying the timeline, updating users, and posting statuses.

Visual Basic.Net

The search bar and results/messages panel are interactive, showing the full result page and the current page. (The mouse cursor is hidden while typing into the search bar. When the user releases the mouse, the cursor appears, and moves through the results until a match is found.)
Visual Basic.Net uses a GUID structure for its resources. This means that your Visual Basic.Net project and your resulting application will have the same GUID. It’s also used in VB.Net and VBScript projects.


Language of.Net is Object Oriented Language.
Use of classes provides objects that have well-defined interfaces and implement a defined set of operations.
An object is a self-contained set of data and a set of operations that can be performed on it. The object can be a reference to a data structure (like a row in a table, a collection in a list, an item in an array, etc.), or it can be an independent unit of information such as a bank account or a page in a web site. An object encapsulates a collection of data and the operations that can be performed on it.
Use of objects involves the creation of classes. A class is a template that defines the common properties of the objects of that type.


In PHP, it is possible to override functions at runtime, by including another php file as described in the manual.
This can be used to extend functionality of an application, for example to create a function to perform a different task.
This technique is often used to create a plug-in architecture for your application.
In php if i want to use any function which is not inbuilt then I need to define the function or class on my own or go for a class where I can use the function.

Object Oriented Programming

In object oriented programming, a class is a blueprint of an object.


It is very easy to write both C++ and C in the same program. This allows a user to write both on the same code using different compiler. In C++, you must use the «class» keyword to indicate that you are writing a class.
A class definition begins with a class name

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