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WAssociate provides a simple way to control the filetype association between Windows Explorer, Windows and Windows Explorer Customization apps. Currently, WAssociate covers most of the file type association areas including file types, app commands, associated commands, associated icons, and associated descriptions. WAssociate handles the following extensions and filetypes:
FAR/FAT(16/32 bit)
.DV(vcd, vob, etc.)
As of 2.0, WAssociate handles.DOCX (.DOC),.DOCM (.DOC),.DOCB (.DOC),.CSV (.CSV),.DAT (.DAT),.DMP (.DMP),.DVF (.DVF),.DVV (.DVV),.EXE (.EXE),.FAR (.FAR),.FCB (.FCB),.FDF (.FDF),.FLC (.FLC),.FIT (.FIT),.FIP (.FIP),.FIT (.FIT),.FIP (.FIP),.HELP (. eea19f52d2

AVG Ultimate is the ideal solution to protect your PCs, tablets and smartphones from online threats and manage your online privacy and security, all from a single, easy-to-use, web-based dashboard. AVG Ultimate gives you a unique and comprehensive set of security tools that enable you to stop threats on your computers and devices with just a few clicks.
It includes both AVG Internet Security and AVG Protection, which offers more than 70 anti-virus, anti-spam and antispam features that help protect your identity and your computers from online threats.
AVG Zen —
AVG Ultimate Highlights:
— It provides a comprehensive set of security tools, including an anti-malware, anti-spam and antispam suite
— It also includes the most popular product from AVG, AVG Internet Security, which features a personal firewall, email and browsing safety, on-demand and scheduled scans, real-time protection against malware and a data safe.
— It offers a unique, web-based dashboard where you can manage, track and analyze all devices connected to your AVG account.
— It includes mobile apps for Windows, Mac and Android devices
— It delivers access to online safety and security training
— It performs remote virus analysis and delivers notifications for all the devices connected to your account
— It offers full synchronization to AVG PC TuneUp
— It automatically backs up your files to a protected folder
— It can help you clean your computer, defragment your disk and optimize your PC for speed
— It can analyze your installed apps
— It can detect unneeded files and install unneeded updates
— It can save your money by scanning only once a week
— It can help you find out what is causing slow running apps
— It can block known threats with pre-defined lists
— It can prevent targeted attacks against you by protecting your device and blocking attacks
— It can help you keep your account data safe and secure
— It can help you protect against phishing attacks
— It can help you find out if you are sending or receiving email viruses
— It can help you keep your online privacy and security
— It can help you find out who is hacking you
— It can help you keep your personal information private and secure
— It can help you keep your computer safe
— It can help you find out if someone is stalking you
— It can help you keep your files safe
— It can help you keep your identity private
— It can help you keep

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