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For those who are used to relaxing abroad, the question of where to stay is always relevant. The busy rhythm of everyday life in megacities gave us a very worn-out subway — at rush hour, going into the city, we risk falling into a deep pit with boiling water, flying into the nearest pit with sewage, falling into a pit, splitting into pieces. Along with this, we also manage to earn erythema after lying for five or even ten hours in cold air. Yes, now everyone chooses how to relax, but, as in the case of the kitchen, the feeling of discomfort from the lack of comfort often prevents us from fully enjoying the rest.
Many people dream of living in an ecologically clean area, on the shores of a beautiful lake, away from the noise and dust of big cities, but even if you are reading these lines, you are not alone — about 80 percent of the world’s inhabitants are to some extent dissatisfied with the noise of big cities.
Scientists, scientists, researchers, philosophers… How much have they researched, created or tried to create the perfect machines for humans? We are almost ready for the fact that soon we will be able to «fly through the air» like birds, «walk on the bottom of the sea» like fish. Already today we can navigate in space in the form of so-called 3D maps. And the other day we received the first reliable and detailed map of the brain, which was created by Danish scientists.
For many years we have been looking for materials that would help improve the quality of our lives. But technology is getting further and further away from us. We take vitamins, go in for sports, drink plenty of fluids, but after giving birth, our muscles lose their tone and shape again. So what can give us strength and health back? Of course, Estonian NECS technology.
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