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Special Effects is a simple application designed using Java that allows you to add special optical effects.
You can add effects like seeing through glass sphere, water droplets or swirl effect with varying degree of radial changes.
You can also create 3-D perspective effects with the images, and it also allows to do basic image editing like changing individual red, green, blue channels in image and adjust brightness and contrast. It works with JPG and PNG file formats and lets you save the image in JPG, PNG and GIF format which makes it easy to use the images for web pages.
The optical effects are created by rotational or polar mapping of the Cartesian coordinates and to get smooth transitions for high resolutions, I have used nearest neighbor interpolation. For creating 3-D perspective effect, a new transform is created to map the real 3-D world in 2-D screen.


Download DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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Version 1.0 is a simple application that allows you to add some special optical effects (Flame, and Water Droplets).
This is fully functional and ready to use.

Famicons is a Web-based application written in Java using Derby database and Apache Tomcat with AJAX technology. It allows you to upload personal picture galleries to a site like Flickr, and add or change embedded gallery thumbnails with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

The application also includes a special option: it also allow you to create or edit tags. Tags are keys to the detailed description of an image on Flickr. Add images with tags and use the tags to help you sort the images in your picture galleries. It will help you keep an image gallery organized and under control.

Some major features of the application:
* Add or edit a photo with a simple file-browser dialog.
* View and edit tags of the image.
* Drag & Drop feature to add/edit image gallery thumbnails.
* Insert image into context menu, right-click context menu and key-board shortcut.
* Automatic gallery thumbnails control.
* Import image from FTP server to Flickr.
* Automatic photo submissions (e.g. to Picasa, Flickr,…)
* Photo can be updated to the news feed in the news tab.
* Use the geolocation coordinates of the images.
* Enable or disable the rectangle view.
* Disable/Enable slider feature.
* Enable or disable the image editor.
* Enable or disable the insert button.
* Uploadable to other sites like Yahoo,…
* Possibility of batch updates to the same Flickr account.
* Various sorting options on tags.
* A few bug fixes.

Jarno’s New is a small graphical editor, based on the well known MS Paint.
The final goal of the application is to make an easy and simple application, that you could just use to create any kind of images with a touch of a button.
The application supports just a few functions, but with a very simple interface, all you have to do is to drag and drop the images and use the buttons to select the color, size, and many other options.

Features of the application:
* 25 preset colors: Transparent, Black, White, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Violet, Indigo, Cyan, Magenta, Brown, Orange, and Pink.
* Two presets of

Special Effects Free Download PC/Windows

See Through Glass Sphere:

See through glass effect is achieved by moving the light source image a little bit further than the sphere and less than the pixel distance from the sphere. This will make the sphere appear transparent like glass.

Water Droplets:

Water droplets effect is achieved by moving the center of rotation a little bit further than the center of the pixel. This is done by rotating the image radially by a little bit less than the pixel distance from the pixel center, to make the pixel in the center to remain stationary.

Image is divided in to four color channels as red, green, blue and alpha or opacity channel. The red and green channel are used for mapping pixel points.
Color channels and alpha channel are used for mapping the image pixels. For transparency, the alpha channel will have values from 0 to 1 as 0 is completely opaque and 1 is completely transparent.

The images are mapped onto a unit circle. All the pixels on the circle will have the same distance from the center of rotation. This will make the image in front (or on top) of the circle to appear as a disk shape.

After mapping the image onto the unit circle, the images are transposed and rotated by a positive or negative angle of fraction of the pixel size. The fraction of the pixel size is achieved by using sin and cos functions for calculating the rotated angle of rotation.

This will create the effect of 3-D image effect.

To create 3-D effect with respect to the sphere, the image is flipped. After flipping, it is mapped onto the unit sphere, using sin and cos functions for calculating the angle. The angle is done by starting from the center of the sphere and moving towards the image center.

Because the pixel size is varied from 0 to pixel size, this will create an effect of perspective. The smaller the pixel size is, the more 3-D image look. The larger the pixel size, the less 3-D.

To create a perspective image, the center of the image is mapped onto the sphere, using a normal cartesian coordinates. The perspective image is created by mapping the image onto a unit circle and then to a unit sphere.

A new unit sphere is created, using normal cartesian coordinates. This sphere will map the pixel center in the center of the sphere. This sphere will also rotate the image back in to 2-D.

The camera (or eye) position is mapped in to the

Special Effects

— This project works on Windows XP (run the installer of Java SE 5.0 or JRE 1.5) or higher.
— You need to have Java installed in your system to run the application.
— Open the download package (the ZIP file), and unzip it to a directory.
— Run the file [java.exe] from the directory where the file is unzipped, and it will launch the application.
— The application displays a splash screen with the dimensions of 1920×1080. If you don’t see it in your web browser, make sure you have Java installed, or make the image smaller to make the splash screen visible.
— The application contains some dynamic images, and the images change with the numbers shown. The images are not in the directory where the application is unzipped. So, navigate to the images in your hard disk. You can also specify the image using the -i argument.
— The application shows the version number and the size of the project.
— Create a new empty project [File -> New Project] and the project name will be [name of the new project].
— Click [Browse…] to select the image for the special effects.
— Select the number of radial change (stops) to use, between 4 and 8.
— The number indicates the number of radial change in the image.
— Select the type of the radial direction (the orientation of the change) — orthogonal (default) or polar.
— The orthogonal radial direction is used for 3-D effect with polar direction.
— To rotate the image vertically, select the check box «Rotate vertically» next to the radial direction.
— To rotate the image horizontally, select the check box «Rotate horizontally» next to the radial direction.
— Radial direction and rotation angle are related to the image and the main view.
— For example, if the direction and angle of the image changes from -45 degree to +45 degree and to -45 degree, the main view rotates from left-to-right.
— If the direction and angle of the image changes from +45 degree to -45 degree and to +45 degree, the main view rotates from right-to-left.
— For example, if the direction and angle of the image changes from +15 degree to -15 degree and to +45 degree, the main view rotates from top-to-bottom.

What’s New In Special Effects?

You can change the following properties of the optical effect:
* Advanced Filter
* Change Max Radius
* Slice
* Spheres Visibility
* Slices Opacity
* Slices Color
* Slices Visibility
* Slices Opacity
* Transparency
* Visible Radius
The following are the screenshots showing how you can use the application:
* You can change the radius to make the effect more or less visible.
* You can stop the visibility of the Slices.
* You can change the colors of the slices.
* You can change the opacity of the Slice.
* You can change the transparency of the Slice.
* You can change the Visible Radius.
* You can hide the Slices.
* There are two tabs:
* The first tab allows you to change the properties of the filter itself. You can choose from the following advanced filter effects:
* Scroll
* Crop
* Zoom
* Bilinear
* Chroma
* Gradient
* Cyular
* Vista
* Galaxy
* Catmull-Rom
* Cubic
* Tetrahedral
* Valley
* Pyramid
* Pentagram
* Trapezoid
* Rim
* Hexa
* Octa
* Arm
* Spiral
* Bezier
* Sine
* Hilbert
* Comb
* Kerbal
* Naive

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System Requirements:

You must have at least 6.0GB free hard drive space
Minimum system requirements are listed under the «system requirements» tab above.
NOTES: You will need a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 7 or later. Windows 7 Home or Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Windows 7 64-bit
More Information:
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