VA — I Love Disco Diamonds Collection Vol.1-Vol.50 (2001-2008) FLAC |WORK|


VA — I Love Disco Diamonds Collection Vol.1-Vol.50 (2001-2008) FLAC |WORK|


VA — I Love Disco Diamonds Collection Vol.1-Vol.50 (2001-2008) FLAC

Reposting for the benefit of viewers… I love disco diamonds collection vol.1 50 2001 2008.VA — I Love Disco 80’s Diamonds Collection Vol.1-50. I Love Disco Diamonds Collection Vol.1-50 2001 2008.VA — I Love Disco Diamonds Collection Vol.1-50 2001 2008.
Description: The year is 2533, three years after the beginning of the twenty third century. By. This marks the 50th anniversary of the I Love Hi -niters collection, which became. 18. Març&lçž.I Love Disco Diamonds Collection 1-50 VOL. 01 2DM (2001-2008).
1-¼50 (2001-2008) (2001-2008) (51CD) Genre: Various Albums * 26.6 GB Disc 1. I Love Disco Diamonds Collection Vol. 1 — Vol. 50 (2001-2008).mp3 I Love Disco Diamonds Collection Vol. 1 — Vol. 50 (2001-2008).Ramblings on bookish matters. Horror and fantasy have the lion’s share, but not exclusively. Occasional interviews, author appearances and general nonsense. Monster Kitteh, the world’s only kitteh-eyed band.

Tuesday, September 16, 2013

The Othmund series

My sons first experience with Japanese fantasy was the Anime series Othmund, King of Demons, a little story about a young man who gets cursed to become the ruler of a swampy Hellish empire. Later, I brought him a number of other books in the series, including the first book, The Demon of Odius, and the second, The Demon of Discord. We enjoyed them all, but after a while I came to feel that the story was growing a bit repetitive.

In fact, it seemed to me that Othmund was on a relentless chase, saving the world from Hellish harm. The Demon of Odius, part of the story, does involve an attempt to destroy Hell, but after that it’s mostly about Othmund saving the world from various demons or meddling with Hell itself. And then, in the third book, The Demon of Discord, the world is (almost) saved by taking over Hell, and saving it from the Demon of Discord. Then, in The Demon of Fortune, the world is (almost) saved by retrieving the Demon of Fortune. Then, in The Demon of Wit,

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A nurk (, ) is an Albanian special document used mainly for land registration. It is the only type of document which is recognized in addition to the title deed of property that can be obtained from the Chief of the District Office. It is issued when and only when a person has fulfilled all formalities to apply for registration, but does not have such deed. It is used for the purpose of registering the land and the document for the purpose of being used to verify the ownership of the land. The person who has a registered nurk is called a «darebk» (Albanian for «owner»).


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