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Various transportation systems allow us to reach nearly any point on the globe in the shortest time possible. However, managing such a business is not a joyride, with fleet and budget details requiring a lot of effort and attention. Luckily, applications like Vehicle Management Free Edition lets you create a database and manage one or more vehicles.
Provide thorough vehicle details
The application comes equipped with a few tools, not only to keep an eye on your vehicles, but also to better manage your budget or get an idea of its flow. One of the first steps is creating a database with the vehicles you own and want to track.
A plethora of fields are available for you to fill in when creating a new entry. From basic info, such as make, model and year, the application lets you add all there is to know. Several categories are available for particular fields so you can easily pick from available options, but you can also write down custom details.
Add notes and drivers
You can equip any vehicle with all kinds of info, with an additional notes panel in case default ones are not enough. What's more, two drivers can be attributed to each vehicle, simply by imputing name and telephone number, if available. Unfortunately, there's no method to keep track of drivers, so you need to either remember their details or manually write them down in an external app.
Good but far from being a pro
Spending a little time to get to know the application might leave you a little disappointed. It feel a little rough around the edges overall, most buttons being represented only by icons with no tooltip when hovering the mouse cursor, and not all of them are intuitive.
What's more, we managed to encounter several issues here and there, with the fuel management feature being most troublesome. It's supposed to give you a better idea on budget flow according to custom specifications. Available fields let you mention start and end miles, total amount of fuel, average cost and a few more, with the possibility to issue a report in the end.
To end with
All things considered, Vehicle Management Free Edition has a lot to learn from others of its kind. The overall design is not something to look at, but nor to look away, with functionality representing the major issue. If you get the hang of it, you realize it's most suitable for your personal vehicle so calculus or errors don't mess up your database or worse, your whole business.


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Vehicle Management Free Edition Crack+ For Windows (Updated 2022)

Vehicle Management Free Edition is a powerful and handy system to manage a fleet of vehicles. The system allows you to keep track of your vehicles, expenses and the performance of the fleet.

* Add, Delete and Edit vehicle entries
* Add driver details
* Manage expenses and expense reports
* Configure the fuel bills per period (e.g. month, week, day)
* Keep track of expenses through reports
* Monitor the gas consumption through the vehicle profiles and generate comparisons
* All data is being saved in a MySQL database
* Windows PC

Easy to use.
Nice looking app with a view towards information management.
Add, delete and edit vehicle entries.
Add driver notes, including names and phone numbers.
Manage mileage.
Database saves vehicle data to maintain your data.
Export and import data.
Generate reports.
Monitor fuel consumption through the vehicle profile.
Manage various budgets on the expense reports page.
Can export the data to CSV/XLS file.

Better version of the previous PMF2.
First of all, it is important to stress how good this product is. The application manages all information related to your fleet, starting from the description of the vehicle, the driver’s profile and all the expenses. This product shows how effectively I can manage my business with a cost-effective solution.
Some of the major updates to this version include:
— A better user experience on all pages.
— New options for the user to import all data for the vehicles from another database in order to handle all the data of your fleet.
— Improvements and options on the report generation.
— Export/Import function to facilitate data transfer and maintenance.
Some of the minor issues with this version include:
— There are still some bugs that need to be ironed out.
— On some devices, a problem is faced with the printing function.
— The part of the month meter is incorrect.
* An update is provided on the support web page.
What’s new:
— Better user experience on the page: The user now has a dashboard from which the main information is accessed, as well as the list of vehicles from which entries are made. There are also options to add and edit users. The same is applied to the list of expenses and reports.
— Improved functionality: There are new options for the user to import all data for the vehicles from another database in

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Vehicle Management Free Edition For PC

Full version of Vehicle Management Free Edition Overview:
Vehicle Management Free Edition is a vehicle management application to keep track of many vehicles. At the moment you can have multiple vehicles in database and manage them individually.

Key Features:
* Add multiple vehicles in database
* Track mileage of all vehicles at any time
* Vehicle details
* Drivers details
* Budget tracking
* Last changes of current vehicle
* Historical and forecast summary of the current and last month
* Generate reports to see a better insight of the current situation and the forecast for coming month.

This application is free for personal use only. Commercial use is not allowed. For more information, please read the License Agreement

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What’s New In?

With Vehicle Management Free Edition,you can store all your car and truck details like make, model, year, mileage, fuel type and so on in the vehicle details sheet. It is designed to be more user friendly and convenient, so that you can input and manage them more easily.
1. Vehicle And Truck Management
2. Vehicle and Truck Data Import and Export
3. Free Inventory
4. Vehicle Inventory and Maintenance
5. Reports for Better Running Efficiency
6. Editor For Vehicles And Vehicle Details

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System Requirements For Vehicle Management Free Edition:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Mac OS X 10.6
Minimum of 1.7 GB RAM
Minimum of 120MB RAM
Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later (as a Mac, you’ll need version 10.7 or later)
GameOS Requirements:
Additional Notes:
If you are

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