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Indian melodrama film of 2011, written and directed by A. Nasirov, has an adaptation to the soundtracks of Amitabh Bachchan, Spanda, Kumar, Gita, etc. The film, like most Indian melodramas, has a love line, two lovers, the heroine of which falls in love with her grandfather (her own father is her own). The mother of the heroine (Rambini) is a very strict and domineering woman, even in the comfort of home she does not allow her daughter to love and build relationships, but with the advent and maturation of her grandson, she awakens love for her grandson, and she becomes softer and kinder to her daughter. An affair begins between mother and daughter, but it ends in failure… The mother loves her husband (Rama) very much, resembles her father in his character, and is ready to do everything for her son, but she remains a mother, not a wife. But the son and her mother do not get along, they quarrel, swear, in the end the mother leaves for the monastery, and the daughter is left alone. Why are they fighting? Does the son reproach his mother for leaving him, returning to the family? No. On the contrary, he is grateful to her for not leaving him during this difficult period. Who is a model for him? Father, grandfather (grandfather — both parents).
Spanda is an Indian composer whom Amitabal Bachchan named among his favorite musicians. Amitabol Bachchan likes Spandi’s music, he thinks it perfectly conveys the atmosphere of rural India, especially at sunset, and you should listen to it with your eyes closed, in my opinion, this is good meditative music.
Amidala is the talisman of the main character, the king’s daughter. This beautiful antique decoration is not simple, it has a special power. It is part of a magic circle associated with the forces of good and evil, and maintains the balance of power in the world by participating in a chess balance. According to legend, when the creation of the world took place according to the plan of Allah, the world He created was perfect, and only two souls appeared in it — dead and alive, they served as the beginning of the birth of the universe. These souls — light and darkness — created two weighing bowls, in one of which they placed light, in the other — darkness. Stones were placed on the bowls, and thus white and black were born. On one bowl lay the forces of good, on the other the forces of evil. It is also interesting that the name of the book in which was



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