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With this tool, you can create complex macros (for example, one of your keyboard macros would create your personal format in Microsoft Word, export it, and export it in PDF).
«Keymacro» is an easy to use software application that lets you easily design and create your own keyboard shortcuts. With just a few clicks, you can create your own useful macros.
To begin with, you create a keymacro using the «New User» wizard. The wizard helps you to describe the macro you want to create.
The macro is defined by name, category, position, and shortcut. Once you are happy with the description, click the ‘create’. The wizard generates the macro into a template.
Your template is nothing but a «keyboard shortcut» which is basically a shortened version of the macro.
After you are finished creating your macro, you can use it by pressing a shortcut key. To know what the shortcut is, just click the shortcut icon and it will show you a description of the shortcut.
In the following step, you can modify the template if necessary. To change the shortcut key, you simply click on the key. This will show the description of the shortcut again. Just double click on the shortcut key and it will insert the shortcut directly.
The process of creating the shortcut is now complete. It is now ready to be used.
Any data stored in the template will be stored in the same location as the shortcut.
You can copy the shortcut, and paste it into an application where you want to assign a shortcut.
As expected, the shortcuts have to be properly assigned with any application.
«Keymacro» supports Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 Server and Windows 7.
KOREL Description:
KOREL is a program which allows you to organize your contacts on your computer and to contact them with a new technology.
It is a simple program. You can create your own database of your contacts. Each of them is assigned to several categories and within each of these categories. You can specify if your contact is interesting, important, urgent, or you just met.
When you send a message to a contact, you can use one of the automated messages (e.g. «Hallo, it’s me, I can’t be reached». Or «I’ll call you back, I am busy»).
Every communication includes a contact signature which consists of a short description of the contact.
The contacts in KOREL can 384a16bd22

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Macros are used for defining short commands that run in a separate application on the computer. For example, you can run your favorite FTP site on your Windows computer by using the FTP site name as a command for the Macros program. All macros are then stored in the Macros program. You can store macros that may be used at any time by a number of different programs. Here are some of the features that are found on the Macros program:
■ Macros are added using a standard name.
■ The program can add macros to files.
■ You can create groups of macros, which are collections of macros.
■ You can edit macros and execute them using the Macro mode.
■ You can execute macros individually or in a group.
■ You can add and delete macros.
■ You can create macros to perform special tasks.
■ Macros can be used at any time.
Macros are executed one at a time.
You can add macros to any file, including MS Word files, by using the Macros program.
When you add a macro to a file, you can specify any macro that you wish.
You can insert macros from a number of locations.
You can control the appearance of your macros.
You can insert the same macro in several files.
You can name your macros and have them saved as separate files.
You can use the Editor mode when adding macros to MS Word files.
You can easily edit existing macros.
You can easily delete a macro.
You can edit macros, and add or remove macros in groups.
In addition to using the editor mode, you can insert macros in the files using the File Dialog.
Macros are saved using the File Dialog.
You can store macros in one of the following locations:
— In the Temp directory of the C:\ drive.
— In the user’s Temp directory.
— In the Application’s Temp directory.
— In the Program Files directory.
— In the program’s current location.
— In the system’s current location.
In addition to inserting macros into files, you can create and delete macros from any location on your computer.
A number of templates for making printed templates for cases are included in the Macros program.
You can insert a range of templates into a file.
The Macros program also includes a File Manager, which allows you to add new

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