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Keymacro is a small desktop recording application with a variety of features and options for capturing input. The application uses input from various locations on your keyboard including keyboard keys, mouse clicks and mouse movement. It allows you to record any data you type or click on your computer screen as an audio file.
Keymacro can record audio in WAV or MP3 format or can convert any audio file to the required format. You can load audio files stored in compressed format into the application. Additionally, Keymacro allows you to export and save recorded audio files in a variety of formats.
Inputs supported
Keymacro supports recording data in the following forms:
Keystroke commands use a text box that allows you to enter data into Keymacro as a text string. Examples of keystroke commands include “Enter”, “Tab”, “Space”, “Caps Lock”, and “A”.
Mouse clicks
Mouse clicks use a text box that allows you to enter data into Keymacro as a text string. Examples of mouse clicks include “Left mouse button”, “Middle mouse button”, and “Right mouse button”.
Mouse movement
Mouse movement uses a graphical cursor that tracks your mouse movements across the desktop. The cursor allows you to enter data into Keymacro as a number that represents the distance your mouse was moved.
Custom keystrokes
You can create a macro in the following forms:
Each keystroke from a key can be recorded as a macro.
You can combine keystrokes from different keys to create macros.
Custom mouse clicks
You can create macros of mouse clicks on any desktop control.
Each mouse click can be recorded as a macro.
You can combine mouse clicks from different controls to create macros.
Keymacro also provides the ability to convert recorded data into other files. For example, you can convert recorded mouse clicks into.ogg files.
How to use Keymacro?
You can record data using the built-in recorder or you can configure the application to use a specific keyboard key or mouse button to generate input data.
To record data, you can:
Use the built-in recorder that is present in the interface.
Use the keystrokes option by selecting the desired key and defining the input text.
Use the mouse clicks option by selecting the desired mouse button and defining the input text.
Use the 384a16bd22

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The most notable aspect of the TDR Manipulator is its simple GUI. It does not require any particular knowledge to operate, and even users with very little knowledge can simply follow the instructions on the GUI and the web page to alter the values.
While the GUI lets you choose the value, it doesn’t give you any hint as to how the value was set, only the current value and the new value. It also adds entries to the Event Viewer under events related to the TDR, which can prove useful for trouble shooting the TDR.
The GUI is shown below.

Screenshots of TDR Manipulator

The web page of the program is given below:

The Timeout Detection and Recovery includes two TDR options: one that can be enabled or disabled, and another that can be toggled on or off. If you disable the TDR option, the TDR process will be ended by the TDR service. You can also force the TDR process to terminate using the following method:

Open the Start Menu and select the Run command.

Type %windir%system32tsutil.exe

You will find a utility called tsdutil.exe. This is the TDR. When you run tsdutil.exe, a command prompt will be opened.

Type gpudatareset and press Enter.

Alternatively, you can force the TDR service to terminate by typing:

c:\Windows\System32\tsdutil.exe gpuid=1,0,0,0

To ensure that the TDR process gets terminated, you will need to turn the TDR option off and then restart the computer.
If the GPU is not completely recovered after a certain number of TDR attempts, the TDR service will start the GPU recovery procedure.


There is no way to disable the TDR service. You can disable the TDR service from the services list, if you have not already done so.
Alternatively, you can disable the shutdown of the PC, so the TDR service won’t run, which means the TDR service won’t even be started.

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